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SCGP Weekly Talks – Spring 2018

Organized by Alexander Abanov

SCGP Weekly Talks is a colloquium style series of talks aimed at all members and visitors of the Simons Center and the more general math and physics community on Stony Brook campus. The regular time and place for the talks are Tuesday, 1pm. During the workshops at the Center the talks are usually given by organizers or distinguished participants of the corresponding workshop on related topics. All SCGP Weekly Talks are recorded and can be accessed through the SCGP video portal.

Weekly talks are held regularly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in SCGP Rm 102 unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 23 Maxim Zabzine Localization of supersymmetric gauge theories on compact manifolds
Jan. 30  Mark Mezei   Thermalization through the lens of entanglement entropy
Feb. 6  Dalimil Mazac  Analytic conformal bootstrap in 1D
Feb. 13 Aliakbar Daemi  Polygons in Low Dimensional Topology
Feb. 20 Marek Karliner  The Social Life of Heavy Quarks
Feb. 27 Dennis Sullivan   Lattice Hydrodynamics
March 6 Alexander Abanov Odd surface waves
March 13 Martin Rocek  Rescheduled Due to Weather
March 20  Spenta Wadia  Black holes and the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev type models’
April 3 Chris Scaduto  Intersection forms of smooth 4-manifolds with boundary
April 17 Martin Rocek  An introduction to supergraphs and some new applications
May 8  Dror Bar-Natan  Computation without Representation. For more information please visit:
May 15 Alexander Goncharov  Hodge Correlators 
May 29 Marek Karliner   

Fall 2017 Talks

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 19 Mohammad Tehrani On the compactification problem for (certain) moduli spaces of J-holomorphic maps
Sept. 26 Nikita Nekrasov On the origin of Chern-Simons terms
Oct. 3 Paul Fendley Preserving Quantum Coherence
Oct. 10 Uriel Frisch Differential geometry and Fluid dynamics: more than two centuries of interaction
Oct. 17 at 4:15pm in Room 103 Giuseppe Mussardo Yang-Lee Zeros of the Yang-Lee Model
Oct. 24 at 2:00pm  Tobias Colding Optimal regularity for geometric flows
Oct. 31 Olaf Hohm L-infinity algebra and field theory
Nov. 7 No Talk No Talk
Nov. 14 Herman Verlinde Black Hole Horizons and Many Body Quantum Chaos
Nov. 28 Dan Harlow TBA
Dec. 5 Alexander Turbiner TBA