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The Wolf Prize in Mathematics has been awarded to Professors Sir Simon K. Donaldson and Yakov Eliashberg

The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is pleased to congratulate Sir Simon Donaldson, Professor at the SCGP (and at Imperial College London), and Professor Yakov Eliashberg, (Stanford University, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the SCGP) for being awarded jointly the 2020 Wolf Prize in Mathematics, one of the most prestigious prizes in the world, awarded to them for their outstanding contributions to mathematics over many years. 

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Professor Simon Donaldson is awarded the Wolf Prize for his leadership in geometry in the last 35 years. His work has been a unique combination of novel ideas in global non-linear analysis, topology, algebraic geometry, and theoretical physics, following his fundamental work on 4-manifolds and gauge theory. Especially remarkable is his recent work on symplectic and Kähler geometry.

Professor Yakov Eliashberg is awarded the Wolf Prize for his foundational work on symplectic and contact topology changing the face of these fields, and for his ground-breaking contribution to homotopy principles for partial differential relations and to topological foundations of multi-dimensional complex analysis.

For information: Other Wolf Prize Laureates at Stony Brook are Professors John Milnor, awarded in 1989, and shared with Alberto Calderon, Mikhail Gromov, in 1993, shared with Jacques Tits, and Dennis Sullivan in 2010, shared with Shing-Tung Yau.