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Localization Techniques in Quantum Field Theories: January 16 – February 16, 2018

Organized by: Vasily Pestun and Maxime Zabzine The program will be focusing on the development of localization techniques in quantum field theories and its applications. In particular we want to concentrate on the developments in the field since 2007. The main idea of different localization formulas is that the specific finite dimensional integral can be […]

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Poisson geometry of moduli spaces, associators and quantum field theory: April 30-June 29, 2018

Organized by: Anton Alexeev and Samson Shatashvili The proposed program will touch upon two topics in Mathematics: Poisson geometry of moduli spaces and the theory of associators, and some of the mathematical aspects of quantum field theory. Both the moduli space theory and the associator theory are intimately related to quantum field theory. In particular, […]

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Geometrical and statistical fluid dynamics: October 2-27, 2017

Organized by: Uriel Frisch, Konstantin Khanin and Rahul Pandit Some of the most basic questions relating to the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations for the motion of a 3D incompressible fluid are still open. There is a strong belief that answers to these questions cannot be obtained without creative use of geometric/Lagrangian and measure-theoretic/probabilistic tools. This […]

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Hydrodynamics, ergodicity, entanglement and localization in interacting lattice models and field theories: September 11 – December 15, 2017

Organized by: Alexander Abanov, Kristan Jensen, and Vadim Oganesyan Scientific advisors: Igor Aleiner, David Huse, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Steven Shenker The program aims to highlight and explore recent progress in understanding the emergence of macroscopic dynamical laws in many-body systems. Traditionally, the challenge of connecting macroscopic and microscopic many-body dynamics was addressed by computing hydrodynamic parameters, […]

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