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Events for:
Monday, September 29th - Saturday, October 4th

Monday, September 29th
2:00pm G2 Manifolds Program: Informal Discussion - Simons Donaldson's Office, 514
3:30pm Special Tea in Honor of Professor Alexander Zamolodchikov - SCGP Lobby
Tuesday, September 30th
11:00am Gauge Theory Program Seminar: Chris Hull, "The geometry of double field theory" - SCGP 313
2:00pm G2 Manifolds Program Seminar: Robert Bryant, "Riemannian manifolds with special holonomy and special curvature" - SCGP 313
Wednesday, October 1st
Thursday, October 2nd
11:00am Gauge Theory Program Seminar: Matthias Staudacher, "Deformed Graßmannians, N=4 Scattering Amplitudes, and Integrable Spin Chains" - SCGP 313
Friday, October 3rd
1:15pm G2 Manifolds Program Seminar: Lorenzo Foscolo, "Compact nearly Kahler 6-manifolds" - SCGP 313
2:45pm Program Seminar: John Morgan, "A Topologist looks at Sheaf Theory" - SCGP 313
Saturday, October 4th