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Monday, November 17th - Saturday, November 22nd

Monday, November 17th
2:30pm Geometric Flows Program Seminar: Simone Calamai (Università di Firenze), "About Hermitian metrics whose scalar curvature of the Chern connection is constant" - SCGP 313
Tuesday, November 18th
Wednesday, November 19th
2:30pm Geometric Flows Program Seminar: Yuanqi Wang, "Kahler-Ricci Flow with conic singularities" - SCGP 313
Thursday, November 20th
5:00pm Tracking the Cosmos Art Exhibition Closing Reception - SCGP Art Gallery and Lobby
Friday, November 21st
11:30am Geometric Flows Program Seminar: Kai Zheng, "The long-time behavior of the Calabi flow" - SCGP 313
2:45pm Program Seminar: John Morgan, "A Topologist looks at Sheaf Theory" - SCGP 313
Saturday, November 22nd