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Tyler House

Directions from Center

Make a right out of the Simons Center/Math Faculty Parking lot onto John S. Toll Road
At second stop sign make a right onto Campus Drive. Continue to the next stop sign
At stop sign, make a right onto Circle Drive
Continue on Circle Drive to the 5th Stop sign
At the stop sign, make a left to exit Campus
This is the North Entrance to Stony Brook University
Turn left onto Nicolls Road
Take the right turning lane to turn onto NY-25 A / N Country Road
At the first stop light, make a left (continuation of N Country Road)
Continue straight onto Main Street
The house will be on the right side (look for big red barn and long driveway)

Please refer to the following link for the location of the SCGP on

Food Shopping

Ridgeway Plaza has Stop & Shop and West Center has Wild by Nature. There are also an array of shops, banks, and a Starbucks (the two centers are adjacent to one another). Please take the S76 towards Port Jefferson (East Bound). The bus stop is located at the Stony Brook railroad station and will stop at the Chase bank, adjacent to the shopping centers. The Westbound bus stop, heading back toward Quaker is located across the street from the West Center shopping center.