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Interviews With Famous Scientists

Image courtesy Michael Green


Conversation with Michael Green, FRS, Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and a fellow in Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. Interview by Maria Shtilmark You are a theoretical physicist, but the topic of the Simons Center […]

When Physics meets Biology

Interviewer Luca Mazzucato William Bialek, from Princeton University, is the distinguished speaker for the second Della Pietra Lecture Series. He is one of the pioneers in the field of Biophysics and his achievements span from Computational Biology to Neuroscience and […]

Faster-than-light neutrinos, dark matter, and all that

Interviewer Luca Mazzucato   Faster-than-light neutrinos, dark matter, and all that   It is always surprising to chat with Shmuel Nussinov, at the School of Physics and Astronomy of Tel Aviv University. He spends several months a year visiting US […]