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Organize a Program at the Simons Center

Programs at the Simons Center are usually from 4 – 6 weeks up to one semester. Participants are invited to the Center for periods ranging from one month to the entire length of the program, most come for one month. Programs have roughly 10 participants at the Center at any time during the program; organizers are strongly encouraged to invite a diversity of visitors, particularly from underrepresented groups. The Center provides support, covering travel and lodging expenses for most visitors. The Center may provide additional support, including salary replacement or sabbatical enhancement, for a few key invitees. Often during a program there will be a related workshop at the Center in a subarea of special interest. Programs during an academic year are decided in the fall or winter before that academic year and proposals are due September 30 before the academic year.

Proposals for programs in the areas of interest to the Simons Center will be reviewed and evaluated by the Center’s Scientific Advisory Committee, which will then make recommendations about which programs to support. Criteria used in selecting programs include:

(i) how well the programmatic activity fits with the mission of the Center which is to advance fundamental knowledge in geometry and physics, especially at the interface of these two subjects [programs whose organizing committees and key participants include both mathematicians and physicists are especially attractive to the Center]

(ii) amount of activity in the proposed area and the size of the community out of which the invitees will be selected [a certain minimal size of the community is required to ensure a vibrant, diverse program of widespread interest]

(iii) the significance of the work in the proposed area [the proposed program must have a broad appeal]

(iv) timeliness of a program in terms of the state of development of the field [we are able to mount programs quickly when the developments merit]

(v) whether or not there have recently been other related programs [there is no point in repeating what was recently done at the Center or somewhere else]

(vi) participation by leaders in the field as organizers and/or central participants in the program [without such participation the program lacks the senior leadership necessary to make it successful]

(vii) the diversity of the organizing committee and suggested key participants

Every proposal will rate higher on some of these criteria than others, but these are the factors the Scientific Advisory Committee will take into account when evaluating programs.

Applications to organize a program at the Simons Center can be submitted below and must include the following.

  • Personal information: The name, affiliation, e-mail address and telephone number of the person making the application.
  • Title of the Program
  • Proposed Organizing Committee: Names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of those who have agreed to join in organizing the program.
  • Timing: Proposed timing of the program — during what semester or months are proposed. To what extent is there flexibility in timing if preferred times are not possible.
  • Subject of the program and rationale for it: A brief (one – three pages) description of the content of and rationale for the proposed program, including why the proposed time period is optimal.
  • A list of key invitees for the program including a brief (one or two sentence) narrative for each indicating his or her background and proposed role in the program.
  • An indication of the preliminary commitments to participate in the program.
  • If you are planning to include a workshop (or even two workshops for longer programs) as a part of your program please include a title of the proposed workshop and its brief description into the program proposal.