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Organize a Workshop at the Simons Center

Typically a workshop lasts one week and has 3 to 5 talks each day. Participants are invited to spend the entire week at the Center, arriving Sunday and leaving either the following Friday evening or Saturday. Normally a workshop has 25 to 35 participants from outside Stony Brook University; organizers are strongly encouraged to invite a diversity of participants, particularly from underrepresented groups. The Center covers the travel expenses and lodging expenses for the visitors and provides them breakfast and lunch at the Center during their stays. Decisions about workshops for an academic year are made in the Spring preceding that academic year and applications for a workshop are due on January 31. Proposals for workshops will be reviewed and evaluated by the Center’s Scientific Advisory Committee, which will then make recommendations about which workshops to support.

The topics of workshops should be within geometry (interpreted broadly) and theoretical physics. In addition to scientific merits of the proposal the committee will consider the diversity of the organizing committee and suggested key participants. Preference will be given to workshop topics which have not been represented at the Center.

Applications to organize a workshop can be submitted below. An application must include the following:
  • Personal information: the name, affiliation, e-mail address and telephone number of the person making the application.
  • Title of the Workshop
  • Proposed Organizing Committee: Names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of those who have agreed to join in organizing the workshop.
  • Proposed timing of the workshop: Proposals that are more flexible in timing (e.g., anytime during semester X) are preferable to those that are more limited.
  • Subject of the workshop and rationale: A brief description (one – three pages) of the content and rationale for the proposed workshop, including why the proposed time period is optimal for the workshop.
  • A list of key invitees for the workshop and an indication of the preliminary commitments by these people to attend the workshop.