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Holographic Fermi Surfaces: The view from the Top Down

Julian Sonner will give a talk, September 8, 2011, titled “Holographic Fermi Surfaces: The view from the Top Down”, in SCGP Room 102 at 11:15am Abstract:  Strongly interacting fermions at finite density are infamously hard to treat. Gauge/gravity duality gives a way of studying them in a controlled environment. For such studies to be reliable it is important […]

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Giancarlo La Camera, PhD – Selected problems in learning and decision making

Computational Neuroscience Journal Club Wednesday at 1130 in room 313  First episode: Today’s talk see below May 11th at 11:30am in the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Room 313  PDF of presentation video part 1 video part 2 Speaker: Giancarlo La Camera, PhD Dept. Neurobiology and Behavior Life Sciences Bldg 513 SUNY Stony Brook Title: Selected problems […]

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