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Talks and Lectures

The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics host many different types of public talks and lectures. Explore the links below to learn more about our past and upcoming scientific and cultural talks and lectures.

Program Seminars – regular schedule of scientific talks associated with our various visitor programs

Workshop Talks – specialized schedule of talks associated with individual scientific conferences

Della Pietra Lecture Series – a series of lectures hosted by world-renowned scientists geared towards the general public, as well as advanced graduate students and faculty

SCGP Weekly Colloquium – a colloquium style series of talks aimed at all members and visitors of the Simons Center and the more general math and physics community on Stony Brook campus

Physics Seminar -physics research seminar aimed at members and visitors of the Simons Center

Mathematics Seminar -talks by postdoctoral scholars at the SCGP, Stony Brook Mathematics department, and the IMS introducing the foundational concepts and questions in their fields. The talks will be at the level accessible to all other postdocs in all fields of mathematics and aimed at members and visitors of the Simons Center

Art Program Talks – art and cultural talks associated with our art and science program and gallery exhibitions

All videos from past talks can be viewed on our Video Portal

The full schedule of all events can be accessed on our Full Calendar