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New discovery indicates the existence of gravity waves and is a strong indication that inflation theory is correct

On behalf of the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, we would like to congratulate our colleague and the speaker of della Pietra lecture series Dr. Andre Linde on the recent discovery of gravitational waves which supports his long standing contributions to the theory of cosmic inflation.

The detection of gravitational waves by the BICEP2 experiment at the South Pole supports the cosmic inflation theory of how the universe came to be.  This discovery was made in part by Assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo, who personally delivered the exciting news to Andrei Linde.  (Watch the video of Linde’s reaction when he’s told the surprise news that new evidence has validated his life’s work in inflation theory).

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The Simons Center was thrilled to host Dr. Linde as a Della Pietra lecturer last year, when he delivered a public lecture on inflationary cosmology titled “Universe or Multiverse”.

Learn more about Dr. Linde’s lectures and watch the videos HERE