General Visits

The Simons Center welcomes applications from theoretical physicists and mathematicians for general visits, not necessarily related to our workshops or programs. Due to space limitations, we can only accept a few visitors at the same time. We favor applicants whose scientific activities and profiles are related to the research carried out by our faculty, but this is not mandatory.

We will consider applicants at all career levels. While most of the visits will last for a few days/weeks, extended visits up to a full academic year are possible, and for distinguished scientists, recurring visits for a number of years can be envisaged. The merits of each candidate will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by our Visitors Committee (VC), composed of the senior faculty of the SCGP, the director and the deputy director.

All applications for visits must be made via the web application form on our webpage: , where you will be asked to provide also practical details regarding your needs for the visit. We have very limited housing available, and hence your plans or expectations on logistics are very important. Please apply a few months, preferably six months or a year, prior to your planned visit. The VC will meet normally twice per year, in February and October, and the candidate will be informed of the decision immediately after.

Visits requested without financial support from the SCGP are not automatically accepted. Like any other request, they need to be approved by the VC.



Please note that all visitors to the SCGP are required to be affiliated (i.e. hold a contract of employment) with, be enrolled as a student at, or be an emeritus member of, a recognized academic or research institution.

Visit requests from candidates with no formal links to an institution will not be accepted.

Health insurance

All visitors should be responsible of their own health insurance prior to arrival.


If your visit requires a visa application, please contact our Visitor Relations coordinator Melissa Wessler, for details. If during your visit you are expected to receive an honorarium or some financial compensation, make sure that your visa allows it.