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Each year the Simons Center supports multiple workshops. These workshops are usually one-week in length, although certain workshops are longer. Workshops are concentrated periods of activity in a focused area of interest to the Center. The workshops are organized by committees of people from both within and outside of the Center.

2022-2023 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2022-07-11 2022-07-15 Forty Years of Ricci Flow: The Geometric-Flow Revolution in Global Differential Geometry
2022-07-25 2022-08-12 2022 Simons Summer Workshop
2022-08-22 2022-08-26 Simons Foundation: Higher Dimensional Geometry
2022-09-12 2022-09-14 Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics: Progress and Open Problems
2022-09-19 2022-09-23 Generalized Global Symmetries, Quantum Field Theory, and Geometry
2022-09-26 2022-09-30 Geometric Representation Theory, Integrability, and Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
2022-10-10 2022-10-14 Geometry of (S)QFT
2022-10-17 2022-10-21 5d N=1 SCFTs and Gauge Theories on Brane Webs
2022-10-24 2022-10-28 Number Theory And Physics
2022-10-31 2022-11-04 Supersymmetric Black Holes, Holography and Microstate Counting
2022-11-14 2022-11-18 Computational Differential Geometry and it's Applications in Physics
2022-12-05 2022-12-09 RTG/SCGP Graduate Workshop on the Birational Complexity of Algebraic Varieties
2022-12-12 2022-12-16 Birational Complexity of Algebraic Varieties
2023-01-30 2023-02-03 Hyperkahler quotients, singularities, and quivers
2023-03-08 2023-03-10 Anomalies
2023-03-13 2023-03-17 Lighting New Lampposts for Dark Matter and Beyond the Standard Model
2023-03-20 2023-03-24 Combinatorics and Geometry of Convex Polyhedra
2023-03-27 2023-03-31 SuperGeometry and SuperModuli
2023-04-17 2023-04-21 Supergravity, Generalized Geometry and Ricci Flow
2023-05-08 2023-05-12 Simons Foundation Conference on Higher Dimensional Geometry
2023-05-22 2023-05-26 Gauged Linear Sigma Models @30
2023-06-05 2023-06-09 Ending Inflation and the Hot Big Bang

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