Past Workshops


2023-2024 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2023-06-262023-07-212023 Simons Physics Summer Workshop
2023-08-072023-08-252023 Simons Math Summer Workshop
2023-08-282023-09-01Fluctuations, Entanglements, and Chaos: Exact Results
2023-09-102023-09-13Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics: Progress and Open Problems
2023-09-182023-09-22Mass, the Einstein Constraint Equations, and the Penrose Inequality Conjecture
2023-10-022023-10-06The Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process
2023-10-302023-11-03Birational Geometry and Quantum Invariants
2023-11-06 2023-11-08Fuzzy Sphere Meets Bootstrap
2023-11-132023-11-17Mathematical billiards: at the crossroads of dynamics, geometry, analysis, and mathematical physics
2024-01-152024-01-26Winter School on New Applications of Mixed Hodge Modules
2024-02-052024-02-09Multifield Cosmology: Inflation, Dark Energy and More
2024-02-262024-03-01Mathematical Aspects of N=4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory
2024-03-112024-03-15Conformal Field Theory, Integrability, and Geometry
2024-04-082024-04-12Entanglement, thermalization, and holography
2024-04-292024-05-03New Directions in far from Equilibrium Integrability and beyond
2024-05-062024-05-10Simons Foundation Conference on Higher Dimensional Geometry
2024-05-202024-05-24Symmetric mass generation, topological phases and lattice chiral gauge theories
2024-06-032024-06-07Moduli of Meromorphic Quadratic Differentials

2022-2023 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2022-07-112022-07-15Forty Years of Ricci Flow: The Geometric-Flow Revolution in Global Differential Geometry
2022-07-252022-08-122022 Simons Summer Workshop
2022-08-222022-08-26Simons Foundation: Higher Dimensional Geometry
2022-09-112022-09-14Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics: Progress and Open Problems
2022-09-192022-09-23Generalized Global Symmetries, Quantum Field Theory, and Geometry
2022-09-262022-09-30Geometric Representation Theory, Integrability, and Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
2022-10-102022-10-14Geometry of (S)QFT
2022-10-172022-10-215d N=1 SCFTs and Gauge Theories on Brane Webs
2022-10-242022-10-28Number Theory And Physics
2022-10-312022-11-04Supersymmetric Black Holes, Holography and Microstate Counting
2022-11-142022-11-18Computational Differential Geometry and it's Applications in Physics
2022-12-052022-12-09RTG/SCGP Graduate Workshop on the Birational Complexity of Algebraic Varieties
2022-12-122022-12-16Birational Complexity of Algebraic Varieties
2023-01-302023-02-03Hyperkahler quotients, singularities, and quivers
2023-03-132023-03-17Lighting New Lampposts for Dark Matter and Beyond the Standard Model
2023-03-202023-03-24Combinatorics and Geometry of Convex Polyhedra
2023-03-272023-03-31SuperGeometry and SuperModuli
2023-04-172023-04-21Supergravity, Generalized Geometry and Ricci Flow
2023-04-252023-04-28Homological Mirror Symmetry
2023-05-082023-05-12Simons Foundation Conference on Higher Dimensional Geometry
2023-05-222023-05-26Gauged Linear Sigma Models @30
2023-06-052023-06-09Ending Inflation and the Hot Big Bang
2023-06-262023-07-212023 Simons Physics Summer Workshop

2021-2022 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2021-07-122021-08-06Simons Summer Workshop: Strings and Geometry
2021-08-302021-09-03Tau Functions, Correlation Functions and Applications
2021-09-122021-09-15Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics: Progress and Open Problems
2021-09-202021-09-24Geometry of (S)QFT
2021-10-112021-10-13Simons Collaboration on Global Categorical Symmetries
2021-10-182021-10-22Virtual Conference Higgs 2021
2021-11-192021-11-19Remote Workshop: Ending Inflation and the Hot Big Bang
2022-03-072022-03-11Flexibility and rigidity in dynamical systems
2022-03-142022-03-18Recent developments in Lagrangian Floer theory
2022-03-212022-03-25Flowing into the future: Particle Jets in Quantum Field Theory and Phenomenology
2022-03-282022-04-01Graduate Workshop: New Trends in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
2022-04-182022-04-22Dynamics of SCFTs and Special Functions
2022-04-292022-05-01Roundtable for Math and Science Summer Programs
2022-05-092022-05-13Geometry, Topology, and Symmetry in Soft and Living Matter
2022-05-312022-06-04From Representation Theory to Mathematical Physics and Back May 31-June 4, 2022
2022-06-062022-06-10Ergodic Operators and Quantum Graphs
2022-06-132022-06-24Small scale dynamics in fluid motion
2022-06-172022-06-24Simons Collaboration on the Many Electron Problem
2022-06-272022-07-01Recent Advances on Scalar Curvature Problems

2020-2021 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2020-09-282020-10-02Simons Conference on K-Stability
2020-11-092020-11-09Simons Center 10th Anniversary Lectures
2020-12-142020-12-18Sphere Packing and the Conformal Bootstrap
2021-01-112021-01-15Virtual Workshop Floer homology in low-dimensional topology
2021-03-042021-03-07Virtual Workshop Renormalization Retrospective: Feigenbaum Memorial Conference
2021-03-082021-03-12Virtual Workshop Many faces of renormalization
2021-05-032021-05-07Virtual Workshop Quantum Hall Effect: Status Report
2021-05-172021-05-21Virtual Workshop C*-algebras, K-theories and Noncommutative Geometries of Correlated Condensed Matter Systems
2021-05-242021-05-28Virtual Workshop New directions in topological phases: from fractons to spatial symmetries
2021-06-072021-08-16Virtual Workshop: Applications of gauge topology, holography and string models to QCD
2021-07-132021-08-07Canceled Simons Summer Workshop: Strings and Geometry
2022-03-152022-03-19Postponed Recent developments in Lagrangian Floer theory
2022-05-092022-05-13Postponed: Geometry, Topology, and Symmetry in Soft and Living Matter

2019-2020 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2019-07-152019-08-09Simons Summer Workshop: Cosmology and String Theory
2019-08-192019-08-23Graduate Summer School on the Geometry and Modular Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups
2019-09-082019-09-11Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics: Progress and Open Problems 2019
2019-09-162019-09-20Applications of Random Matrix Theory to many-body physics
2019-11-042019-11-06Developments in the Numerical Bootstrap
2019-11-112019-11-15Novel Vistas on Vortices
2020-01-062020-01-08Strings, Geometry, and Data Science
2020-01-272020-01-31Physics of neural circuits and network dynamics
2020-03-022020-03-06Analysis, Dynamics, Geometry and Probability

2018-2019 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2018-07-162018-08-10Simons Summer Workshop
2018-09-092018-09-12Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics
2018-10-222018-10-26Geometrical Aspects of Supersymmetry
2018-11-052018-11-07Developments in Quantum Field Theory and Condensed Matter Physics
2018-12-032018-12-07Nonequilibrium Physics in Biology
2018-12-102018-12-14Entanglement and Dynamical Systems
2018-12-172018-12-21Vertex Algebras and Gauge Theory
2019-02-222019-02-24Roundtable for Math and Science Summer Programs
2019-03-042019-03-08Automorphic Structures in String Theory
2019-03-182019-03-22A Workshop on Challenges at the Interface of Hitchin Systems and String Theory
2019-04-082019-04-12TTbar and Other Solvable Deformations of Quantum Field Theories
2019-04-152019-04-19Graduate school on Geometry of Teichmuller spaces
2019-04-292019-05-03Convergence and Low Regularity in General Relativity
2019-05-202019-05-24String field theory, BV quantization, and moduli spaces
2019-05-272019-05-31Graduate Summer School on the Mathematics and Physics of Hitchin Systems
2019-06-172019-06-21Operator Algebras and Applications
2091-02-042019-02-08Holomorphic Differentials in Mathematics and Physics

2017-2018 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2017-07-172017-08-11Simons Summer Workshop
2017-09-052017-09-09ATLAS Flavor Tagging / Higgs to bb
2017-09-102017-09-13Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics
2017-10-022017-10-06Wonders of Broken Integrability
2017-10-112017-10-17Geometrical and statistical fluid dynamics
2017-10-232017-10-27Geometry of Manifolds
2017-11-062017-11-08Simons Collaboration the Non-Perturbative Bootstrap
2017-11-132017-11-17Progress in quantum collective phenomena - from MBL to black holes
2017-12-112017-12-15Tensor-Network Methods: Structure, Applications and Holography
2018-01-082018-01-12Continuum and Lattice Approaches to the Infrared Behavior of Conformal and Quasi- Conformal Gauge Theories
2018-03-262018-03-30Mass in General Relativity
2018-04-092018-04-13Categorification in Mathematical Physics
2018-05-222018-05-25Spring School on Geometric Aspects of General Relativity
2018-06-012018-05-28Exotic Hadrons and Flavor Physics

2016-2017 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2016-07-052016-07-29Simons Summer Workshop
2016-09-022016-08-29Automorphic forms, mock modular forms and string theory
2016-09-062016-09-15Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics
2016-09-192016-09-23Derived categories and Chow groups of hyperkaehler and Calabi-Yau varieties
2016-10-032016-10-07Entanglement in Quantum Systems
2016-10-172016-10-21Recent Developments in the Mathematical study of Gauge Theory
2016-12-052016-12-07Entanglement in Field Theory and Gravity
2016-12-122016-12-15GW161212: The Universe through gravitational waves
2017-01-092017-01-13String Theory and Scattering Amplitudes
2017-03-062017-03-10Applied Newton-Cartan geometry
2017-03-202017-03-24Fluid flows: from graphene to planet atmospheres
2017-03-272017-03-29Beyond WIMPs: from Theory to Detection
2017-04-172017-04-21SCGP Spring School on Discrete and Computational Geometry
2017-04-242017-04-28Gauge Theory and Low Dimensional Topology
2017-05-082017-05-12Quantitative Symplectic Geometry
2017-05-222017-05-26Homological Mirror Symmetry and Higher Genus Invariants
2017-06-052017-06-09Strongly Correlated Topological Phases of Matter
2017-06-122017-06-16Matrix Factorizations in Mathematics and Physics
2017-06-162017-06-232017 Many Electron Collaboration Summer School

2015-2016 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2015-07-202015-08-14Simons Summer Workshop 2015
2015-08-172015-08-21Gauge Field Topology: From Lattice Simulations and Solvable Models to Experiment
2015-08-312015-09-04Collapsing Calabi-Yau Manifolds
2015-09-072015-09-11Random Matrices, Random Growth Processes and Statistical Physics
2015-09-142015-09-18Graduate Workshop on Topological Quantum Field Theory
2015-10-052015-10-09Toric Kahler geometry
2015-10-122015-10-16Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry in the Statistical Physics of Polymers
2015-10-282015-10-31Unification Day 2, October 28-29 2015: Subworkshop of the International Workshop for the Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detector (NNN15) October 28-31, 2015
2015-11-022015-11-06Random Matrix Theory, Integrable Systems, and Topology in Physics
2015-11-092015-11-13Riemannian Convergence Theory
2016-03-142016-03-18Six-vertex model, dimers, shapes, and all that
2016-04-042016-04-08Flat Holography
2016-04-182016-04-22Geometry of Quantum States in Condensed Matter Systems
2016-05-092016-05-13Generalized Geometry & T-dualities
2016-05-162016-05-20Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
2016-06-062016-06-10Between Dynamics and Spectral Theory
2016-06-132016-06-17New perspectives on Higgs bundles, branes and quantization
2016-06-202016-06-24Third Annual Summer School: Simons Collaboration on the Many Electron Problem

2014-2015 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2014-07-042014-07-18Graduate Workshop on Moduli of Curves
2014-07-212014-08-152014 Simons Summer Workshop in Mathematics and Physics
2014-08-182014-08-22Graduate Workshop on 4-Manifolds
2014-08-232014-08-27Workshop on Topology and Invariants of 4-Manifolds
2014-09-022014-09-05G2 manifolds
2014-09-232014-10-03Homological Methods in Quantum Field Theory
2014-11-032014-11-07Gauged Sigma-Models in Two Dimensions
2014-11-172014-11-21Wall Crossing, Quantum Integrable Systems, and TQFT
2015-01-192015-01-23Mathematical Problems in General Relativity
2015-03-022015-03-06Integrability vs. non-integrability in statistical mechanics
2015-03-162015-03-20Resurgence and localization in string theory and quantum field theory
2015-05-042015-05-08Future Prospects for Fundamental Particle Physics and Cosmology Workshop
2015-05-182015-05-22Supermoduli Workshop
2015-06-012015-06-05Physics and mathematics of knot homologies
2015-06-082015-06-12Second Annual Summer School: Simons Collaboration on the Many Electron Problem
2015-06-152015-06-19Quantum Geometry, Stochastic Geometry, Random Geometry, you name it

2013-2014 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2013-08-262013-08-30Mock Modular Forms, Moonshine, and String Theory
2013-10-182013-10-18Quiver Varieties
2013-11-182013-11-22Graduate Workshop on Geometry of Hilbert schemes
2013-12-092013-12-13The Geometry and Physics of Scattering Amplitudes
2014-01-062014-01-10Aspects of Supergravity
2014-02-172014-02-21Quantum Anomalies and Hydrodynamics: Applications to Nuclear and Condensed Matter Physics
2014-02-242014-02-28Strongly Coupled Systems Away From Equilibrium
2014-03-172014-03-21Workshop on Moduli Spaces of Pseudo-holomorphic Curves I
2014-05-122014-05-16Equivariant Gromov-Witten Theory and Applications
2014-05-192014-05-23Geometrical Aspects of Hydrodynamics
2014-06-022014-06-06Workshop on Moduli Spaces of Pseudo-holomorphic Curves II
2014-06-092014-06-13Summer School: Simons Collaboration on the Many Electron Problem

2012-2013 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2012-10-292012-11-02Hyper-Kahler Geometry
2012-11-122012-11-16Gauge Theory Angle at Integrability Workshop
2012-12-032012-12-07Symplectic and Low Dimensional Topologies in Interaction
2013-01-212013-01-27Facets of Integrability
2013-02-182013-02-22Random Tilings Workshop
2013-04-082013-04-12Conformal Invariance in Continuous and Discrete Systems
2013-05-202013-05-24Low Dimensional Topology
2013-06-102013-06-14Topological Phases of Matter
2013-06-172013-06-21String-Math 2013
2013-06-242013-07-05Graduate Workshop on Kahler Geometry
2013-07-222013-08-16Simons Summer Workshop 2013
2021-10-152012-10-19Graduate Workshop on Symplectic and Contact Topology

2011-2012 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2011-09-122011-09-16Topological Quantum Computing
2011-12-122011-12-16Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry and D-branes
2012-01-162012-01-20Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Field Theory
2012-03-052012-03-09Graduate Workshop
2012-03-162012-03-16Manhattan Seminar
2012-03-192012-03-23F-theory Workshop
2012-04-232012-04-27String Phenomenology
2012-05-142012-05-18String Theory for Mathematicians
2012-05-212012-05-25Algebraic Topology, Field Theory and Strings
2012-07-022012-07-13Graduate Summer School on String Phenomenology
2012-07-302012-08-172012 Summer Simons Workshop in Mathematics and Physics

2010-2011 Academic Year Workshops

Start End Event
2010-04-212010-04-23The Ehrenpreis Conjecture for Riemann Surfaces and the Surface Subgroup Theorem for Hyperbolic Three Manifolds
2010-11-032010-11-03Building Inauguration Conference
2011-01-102011-01-14Simons Center Workshop on Differential Cohomology
2011-03-142011-03-18Higher Spin Theories and Holography Workshop
2011-03-212011-03-25Workshop on Extremal Kähler Metrics
2011-03-212011-03-25Branes and Bethe Ansatz in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories Workshop
2011-05-062011-05-06Simons Center Seminars In Manhattan
2011-05-162011-05-20Equivariant Quantum Cohomology, Mirror Symmetry, and Symplectic Geometry Workshop
2011-06-132011-06-17Homological Invariants in Low-Dimensional Topology Workshop
2011-07-252011-08-19Simons Summer Workshop in Mathematics and Physics 2011