Energy Operators in Particle Physics, Quantum Field Theory and Gravity: December 16-20, 2024

Organized by:

  • Thomas Hartman (Cornell)
  • Zohar Komargodski (SCGP)
  • Gregoire Mathys (EPFL)
  • Ian Moult (Yale)

This workshop will explore the recent developments in the study of energy operators in particle physics, Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and gravity. In particle physics, correlation functions of energy operators are collider physics observables used for precision measurements of parameters of the Standard Model. In QFT, energy operators play an important role in understanding renormalization group flows and non-perturbative unitarity constraints. Finally, in gravity, energy correlators are related to shockwaves and causality in the AdS/CFT correspondence. These diverse topics are all tied together through energy operators. We aim to foster a dialogue among these different fields and to share new insights and perspectives.