Non-Hermitian topology, geometry and symmetry across physical platforms: September 23-27, 2024

Organizing by: Sayed Ali Akbar Ghorashi (Stony Brook University) Jennifer Cano (Stony Brook University Masatoshi Sato (Yukawa institute and Kyoto University) Titus Neupert (Zurich) Shinsei Ryu (Princeton)   Over the last few years there has been a new resurrection of non-Hermitian physics across various fields in both classical and quantum physics, ranging from condensed matter, … Read more

Applications of Generalized Symmetries and Topological Defects to Quantum Matter: September 9 – 13, 2024

Organizing by: • Lakshya Bhardwaj (University of Oxford) • Xie Chen (Caltech) • Wenjie Ji (Caltech) • Apoorv Tiwari (Neils Bohr Institute) • Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT) Symmetry is arguably the central pillar of theoretical physics. Its applications are ubiquitous, ranging from constraining the particle content of the Standard Model to underpinning Landau’s classification of phases … Read more

Conformal Field Theory, Integrability, and Geometry – March 11-15, 2024

Organized by: Nikita Nekrasov (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University) Vladimir Korepin (C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook University) Stefano Negro (C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook University) Sergei Lukyanov (Rutgers University) Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is an indispensable tool in modern theoretical physics. It is essential to … Read more

21st Simons Physics Summer Workshop: July 29- August 16, 2024

APPLICATION DEADLINE: MARCH 1, 2024 Scientific Organizer: Cumrun Vafa (Harvard), Local Organizer: Martin Rocek (CN Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics) The Simons Physics Summer Workshop is the Sixteenth conducted by the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook and the twenty-first in the series Simons Physics Summer Workshops. The theme of this workshop … Read more

2nd Simons Math Summer Workshop: Moduli – July 1 – 19, 2024

APPLICATION DEADLINE: MARCH 1, 2024 Organized by: Jörgen Ellegaard Andersen (The University of Southern Denmark) Steven Bradlow (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Samuel Grushevsky (Stony Brook University) Daniel Halpern-Leistner (Cornell University) Victoria Hoskins (Radboud University Nijmegen) Frances Kirwan (The University of Oxford) Margarida Melo (Universita Roma Tre) Anna Wienhard (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the … Read more

Moduli of Meromorphic Quadratic Differentials: June 3-7, 2024

Organizing by: Tom Bridgeland (University of Sheffield, UK) Samuel Grushevsky (Stony Brook University, USA) Andrew Neitzke (Yale University, USA) Martin Moeller (Universitaet Frankfurt, Germany) This workshop in Mathematics inspired by a circle of ideas originating in quantum field theory and string theory, particularly the study of the quantum field theories “of class S”. These field … Read more

Symmetric Mass Generation, Topological Phases and Lattice Chiral Gauge Theories: May 20-24, 2024

Organized by: Simon Catterall (Syracuse) Juven Wang (CMSA, Harvard) Yi-Zhuang You (UCSD) David Tong (DAMTP, Cambridge) The most common mechanism for generating fermion masses arises when scalar fields acquire vacuum expectation values in theories with Yukawa interactions. Such a mechanism is necessarily associated with the spontaneous breaking of symmetries. However, recent work in both the … Read more

Entanglement, thermalization, and holography: April 8-12, 2024

Organized by: Matthias Kaminski (Alabama) Natalie Klco (Duke) Berndt Mueller (Duke) Andreas Schaefer (Regensburg) Sebastian Waeber (Technion) Laurence Yaffe (U Washington) This workshop will survey new insights and future challenges of some foundational problems of theoretical physics, including the evolution of entanglement and complexity in isolated quantum systems. Our aim is to confront recent insights … Read more

New Directions in Far from Equilibrium Integrability and Beyond: April 29 – May 3, 2024

Organizing by: Alexander Abanov (Stony Brook University) Boris Altshuler (Columbia University) Natan Andrei (Rutgers University) Hrachya Babujian (Alikhanian National Lab, Yerevan Physics Institute) Lea Santos (University of Connecticut) Tigran Sedrakyan (University of Massachusetts) Emil Yuzbashyan (Rutgers University) The field of far from equilibrium many-body quantum systems is on the verge of a breakthrough both theoretically … Read more