Remote Workshop: Ending Inflation and the Hot Big Bang: November 19, 2021

Organized by:

Peter Adshead (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),

Jonathan Heckman (University of Pennsylvania),

Marilena Loverde (YITP),

Patrick Meade (CN Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics),

Scott Watson (Syracuse University)

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This workshop is aimed at filling the gap in our cosmic history – from the end of inflation to the beginning of big bang nucleosynthesis. The recent observational progress in cosmology, gravitational wave physics, and discoveries in particle physics, as well as the important developments
in the theoretical and numerical techniques for understanding non-equilibrium field dynamics makes the timing of this workshop optimal. At this opportune moment, this workshop will bring together distinct groups of researchers from the fields of non-perturbative field dynamics, high energy particle physics phenomenology, inflation and reheating to explore an important, but as yet poorly constrained period from our universe’s infancy.

Time Title Speaker
12:00 PM Welcome + explanation of planning for future, questions & panels, participation  
12:10 PM Freeze-in from Preheating Marcos Garcia
12:40 PM Cosmologically Degenerate Fermions Sam Mcdermott
1:10 PM Alternative Thermal Histories and Dark Matter Brandon Melcher
1:40 PM String + particle Panel Robert Brandenberger, Jiji Fan, Daniel Green, Liam McAllister
3:00 PM Primordial non-Gaussianity Gui Pimentel
3:30 PM Non-Gaussianity and the Induced Gravitational Wave Background Kaloian Lozanov
4:00 PM Transitioning into a radiation-dominated universe with thermal friction Kim Berghaus
4:30 PM Cosmo+Numerical panel Mustafa Amin, Matt Reece, Sarah Shandera, Mark Trodden
5:00 PM Summary