Virtual Workshop Renormalization Retrospective: Feigenbaum Memorial Conference: March 4-7, 2021

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Organizers: David Campbell, Kostya Khanin, Misha Lyubich, and Dennis Sullivan

     This Conference will pay tribute to the great discovery made by Feigenbaum in the mid 1970s and its ramifications (mostly in math) in the past 45 years. It will also serve as an introduction to the SCGP Workshop Many faces of renormalization held during the following week. Both events are part of the Program: Renormalization and universality in Conformal Geometry, Dynamics, Random Processes, and Field Theory:

Talk Schedule

Time Title Speaker Location
4:30pm Do clouds solve PDEs? Predrag Cvitanović Zoom

Time Title Speaker Location
9:00am Cycles and Robust Mode Analysis Gemunu Gunaratne Zoom
10:00am Renormalization of period-doubling for volume-preserving flows Robert MacKay Zoom

Feigenbaum’s unpublished book on “Reflections on a Tube

Jean-Pierre Eckmann Zoom
1:30pm Reflections on Mitchell: Some personal remembrances Informal session Zoom

Time Title Speaker Location
10:00am TBD Konstantin Khanin Zoom
11:00am Renormalization ideas in Dynamics: How Feigenbaum’s discovery changed the World Mikhail Lyubich Zoom
12:00pm TBD Dennis Sullivan Zoom