Virtual Workshop Many faces of renormalization: March 8-12, 2021

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Organized by: Dzmitry Dudko, Mikhail Lyubich and Konstantin Khanin

The goal of this Workshop is to explore connections between various
aspects of Renormalization in Dynamics (unimodal and circle, holomorphic and cocyclic, Henon, KAM, and stochastic renormalizations) and Physics (QFT and statistical mechanics, fluid dynamics, and KPZ), which could help to reveal a unifying theme for all these phenomena.

This workshop is part of the Program: Renormalization and universality in Conformal Geometry, Dynamics, Random Processes, and Field Theory. There will also be Renormalization retrospective: Feigenbaum Memorial Conference held right before.

Talk Schedule

Time Title Speaker Location
9:00am Reconstructing the germs of irrationally indifferent germs from
renormalized sequence
Mitsuhiro Shishikura Zoom
10:00am Zoology in the Hénon family Pierre Berger Zoom
11:00am Bubbles and renormalization Natasha Goncharuk Zoom
2:00pm Scale invariance in quantum field theory Anatoly Dymarsky Zoom
3:00pm On the critical almost Mathieu cocycle Svetlana Jitomirskaya Zoom

Time Title Speaker Location
9:00am Complex Feigenbaum phenomena with degenerating geometries  Davoud Cheraghi Zoom
10:00am Spontaneously stochastic solutions in dynamical systems with singularities Theodore D. Drivas Zoom
11:00am RG: the hopes of K. Wilson about the ubiquity of RG: naivety or pure great  vision? Charles Tresser Zoom
1:00pm In praise of quantum field theory Alexander Polyakov Zoom
2:15pm A Thouless-Like Effect in the Dyson Hierarchical Model with Continuous Symmetry Pavel Bleher Zoom

Time Title Speaker Location
9:00am On the accumulation of non-split separtrices by invariant circles Raphael Krikorian Zoom
10:00am Renormalization convergence and rigidity of multicritical circle maps Michael Yampolsky Zoom
11:00am Renormalisation of generalised interval exchange maps (and foliations on surfaces) Selim Ghazouani Zoom

Time Title Speaker Location
9:00am Conjugacy classes of real analytic maps  Sebastian Van Strien Zoom
10:00am Near-neutral renormalization in Complex Dynamics Dzmitry Dudko Zoom
11:00am Fibonacci turbulence Gregory Falkovich Zoom
4:00pm Coffee Break/Discussion   Zoom
4:30pm Billiards and the arithmetic of non-arithmetic groups Curtis McMullen Zoom

Time Title Speaker Location
9:00am *Cancelled* N/A N/A
10:00am Infinitesimal deformations of one-dimensional maps Daniel Smania Zoom
11:00am Confining or Not? Igor Klebanov Zoom
1:30pm Ergodic properties of Billiards in Polygons, Renormalization and Hodge theory Giovanni Forni Zoom
2:30pm Almost Mathieu equation and representation theory: does it help to understand singular continuous spectrum? Paul Wiegmann Zoom