Geometry of (S)QFT: September 20-24, 2021 (Remote event)

Organized by:

Ibou Bah (Johns Hopkins University),

Shlomo Razamat (Technion)

Quantum field theory (QFT) is a universal language used to describe a wide variety of phenomena in Nature, including elementary particles, condensed matter systems, and cosmology. Despite its remarkable successes, novel toolkits are needed for exploring the landscape of QFTs and for computing and characterizing generic observables, particularly when they are strongly coupled. This is highlighted by recently developed exact techniques for supersymmetric QFTs (SQFTs) and string theory, which have shown that conventional methods based on Lagrangians and perturbation theory fail to capture the rich structure of the QFT framework. This is true especially when one insists on symmetries of the system to be manifest. A dramatic example is the rich zoo of interacting QFTs in d > 4 spacetime dimensions which cannot be constructed using conventional methods. However, they are firmly established thanks to a variety of complementary approaches, including top-down constructions in string theory and holography, as well as bottom-up QFT arguments. Compactifications of these theories lead to even richer classes of strongly coupled theories in d ≤ 4, make manifest vast and extensive networks of dualities and RG flows, and bring to fore fundamental interconnected-ness that underlies the space of QFTs. The common thread in this progress is the interplay between geometry and physics, particularly in the construction and study of SQFTs. We propose to organize a workshop at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics on the theme of geometry of (S)QFT. In this workshop we intend to discuss these exciting advances. In particular we will discuss aspects of geometric nature of extra dimensions of string theory, holographic constructions of SCFTs, geometrical constructions of SCFTs in lower dimensions, and the geometry of moduli spaces and space of couplings.

Talk Schedule

Time Title Speaker
9:00am Topological thinking on symmetry Kantaro Ohmori (Tokyo)
10:45am 4d SCFTs with a=c Monica Kang (CalTech)
11:35am Holographic Duals of Argyres-Douglas Theories Federico Bonetti (Oxford)
1:45pm Geometry of 2d (1,0) SQCD Sergei Gukov (CalTech)
3:00pm  Disorder Averaging and its UV (Dis)Contents Jonathan Heckman (UPenn)

Time Title Speaker
9:00am Defects in Quantum Field Theory Yifan Wang (NYU)
10:45am Corrections to 3d SCFT observables from 4d supergravity Valentin Reys (Leuven)
11:35am Quiver Engineering and 3d Dualities Anindya Dey (John Hopkins)
1:45pm Regge trajectories for the (2,0) theories Madalena Lemos (Durham)
3:00pm Type-B Anomalies on the Higgs Branch Elli Pomoni (DESY)

Time Title Speaker
9:00am Advances in holography Nikolay Bobev (Leuven)
10:45am Kinematics of Exotic Theories — Symmetries and Dualities Ho Tat Lam (MIT)
11:35am Dynamics of Exotic Theories — Spectrum and UV/IR Mixing Nati Seiberg (IAS)
1:45pm The algebra of anomaly interplay Nakarin Lohitsiri (Cambridge)
3:00pm From Seiberg-Witten Geometry to Confinement in Adjoint QCD Thomas Dumitrescu (UCLA)

Time Title Speaker
9:00am Compactifications of higher dimensional field theories Gabi Zafrir (Milan)
10:45am Renormalization Group Flows on Line Defects Avia Raviv Moshe (SCGP)
11:35am Higgs branches after lockdown Antoine Bourget (Paris)
1:45pm The U-plane of rank-one 4d N=2 KK theories Cyril Closset (Birmingham)
3:00pm Deconfining a class of N=2 SCFTs Inaki Garcia Etxebarria (Durham)

Time Title Speaker
9:00am Bootstrapping BPS spectra of 5d/6d SQFTs Hee Cheol Kim (PosTech)
10:45am Quantum modularity of 3-manifold invariants and higher depth extensions Ioana Coman (Amsterdam)
11:35am Decomposition of BPS moduli spaces and asymptotics of supersymmetric partition functions Arash Arabi Ardehali (YITP)
1:45pm Mirror symmetry as a local duality on fields Sara Pasquetti (Milan)