Strongly Coupled Systems Away From Equilibrium: February 24 – 28, 2014

Organized by Barbara Jacak, Chris Herzog, Dima Kharzeev, and Nikita Nekrasov.

Dates: February 24 – 28, 2014

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The non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly coupled systems has recently emerged as a focal point of interest in many areas of physics. In nuclear physics, this interest stems from the need to describe the early moments of heavy ion collisions, when the strongly coupled quark-gluon matter is produced away from equilibrium and exhibits a strikingly fast approach to the hydrodynamical behavior. Another important application is the propagation of jets, and the dissipation of their energy in the quark-gluon plasma. In condensed matter physics, the theory of non-equilibrium processes in strongly coupled systems is urgently needed to understand, for example, the behavior of cold atoms and the transport in unconventional superconductors, semiconductors, and chiral materials.

On the theory side, holographic and integrable systems provide novel approaches to the dynamics of strongly coupled systems away from equilibrium. Holography provides computable models for complicated collective phenomena such as thermalization and charge transport. Integrable systems can now be realized in the lab using optical fibers, cold atoms, and low dimensional strongly correlated materials. Another focus of this workshop will be non-equilibrium processes driven by quantum anomalies. In contrast to the previously held beliefs, such processes can be reversible and may not lead to an increase in entropy.

This workshop will review and summarize recent achievements in non-equilibrium dynamics, but most importantly identify the problems, and map out promising directions for future developments

*All workshop talks will be held in the Simons Center Lecture Hall (Room 102)

Strongly Coupled Systems Away From Equilibrium Workshop Schedule

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast/registration begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Lobby and Cafe
 9:30am Remarks from the organizers – Welcome SCGP 102 video
 9:45am Approaches to Non-Equilibrium QFT Larry Yaffe video
10:45am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:15am Quantum Criticality in Strongly Correlated Electron Matter: a Perspective from Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Meigan Aronson video
12:15pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 2:00pm Solitonic Waves in a Fermionic Superfluid Martin Zwierlein video
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:00pm Turbulent thermalization process in highly occupied non-Abelian plasmas Raju Venugopalan video

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
 9:30am Self-consistent approach to non-equilibrium systems Gordon Baym video
10:30am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:00am Realizing Landau’s Dream: What experiments tell us about the liquid quark-gluon plasma and what theorists need to understand Berndt Mueller video
12:00pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 1:15pm Time dependence in a holographic model for the Kondo effect Johanna Erdmenger video
 2:15pm Short Break
 2:30pm Strong Coupling in Ultracold Plasmas Steven Rolston video
 3:00pm Collisions in AdS: the road to experiments Wilke van der Schee video
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:15pm Physics & Astronomy Colloquium: Rocky Kolb, “The Decade of the WIMP” Harriman Hall P-137

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
 9:30am Formalism of non-equilibrium field theory Alex Kamenev video
10:30am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:00am Quench dynamics of 1-d many body systems Natan Andrei video
11:30am Lunch SCGP Cafe
 1:30pm Finite momentum at string endpoints, with applications to hard probes Steven Gubser video
 2:30pm Quantum Quench and Holography Sumit Das video
 3:15pm Short Break
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:00pm Universal post-quench dynamics at a quantum critical point Joerg Schmalian video
 4:30pm Informal Discussion


Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
 9:30am Non-equilibrium Dynamics and Broken Symmetry Julian Sonner video
10:10am An AdS / Gross-Neveu Model correspondence Gokce Basar video
10:50am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:20am Superfluid dynamics in driven and tilted incommensurate lattices Dominik Schneble video
12:00pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 2:00pm Universal Features of the Excitation Spectrum in Generalized Gibbs Distribution Ensemble Alexei Tsvelik video
 2:40pm Equilibration of Hawking Radiation in AdS_5 Derek Teaney video
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:00pm The potential and flux landscape theory for non-equilibrium systems Jin Wang video
 4:40pm Second-order Relativistic Hydrodynamics Guy Moore video
 5:20pm Discussion chaired by Barbara Jacak SCGP 102
 6:00pm Workshop Banquet: available for all funded participants and invited locals/program visitors SCGP Cafe

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
 9:30am TBA Paul Chesler video
10:10am Scale symmetry in quantum field theory Anatoly Dymarsky video
10:40am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:15am Measurement of the Nearly Perfect Fluid in a Cuprate Strange Metal Jon Rameau video
12:00pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe