Entanglement, thermalization, and holography: April 8-12, 2024

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Organized by:

  • Matthias Kaminski (Alabama)
  • Natalie Klco (Duke)
  • Berndt Mueller (Duke)
  • Andreas Schaefer (Regensburg)
  • Sebastian Waeber (Technion)
  • Laurence Yaffe (U Washington)

This workshop will survey new insights and future challenges of some foundational problems of theoretical physics, including the evolution of entanglement and complexity in isolated quantum systems. Our aim is to confront recent insights into the evolution of model systems exhibiting quasi-thermal behavior, such as low-dimensional black holes, with widely studied real-world systems for which experimental data exist, specifically systems created by high-energy particle or nuclear collisions. The workshop will bring together a group of experts who have made contributions to various facets of this problem: Non-equilibrium dynamics of extended, highly excited states of QCD matter, thermalization in holographic models, black hole information paradox, entanglement in quantum field theories, and eigenstate thermalization.