Roundtable for Math and Science Summer Programs: April 29 – May 1, 2022

Workshop schedule

Danfords Shuttle

Organized by:
Elena Yakubovskaya, Stony Brook University, SigmaCamp,
Alexander Kirillov, Stony Brook University, SigmaCamp,
Marisa Debowsky, Canada/USA Mathcamp,
Daniil Lukin, Stanford University, SigmaCamp,
Dan Zaharopol, BEAM

This workshop brings together organizers of advanced math and science summer programs for middle and high school students. This roundtable is geared towards the most pressing issues of post-pandemic return to in-person sessions, recruiting and retaining students from underrepresented groups, and the difficulties of starting a new program with advanced mathematical and scientific research programs, among others. We encourage everyone interested in starting a new program to apply to participate.