Quantum Anomalies and Hydrodynamics: Applications to Nuclear and Condensed Matter Physics: February 17 – 21, 2014

Organized by Chris Herzog, Kristan Jensen, Dmitri Kharzeev, Shinsei Ryu, and Dam Son.

Dates: February 17 – 21, 2014

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The past decade has seen an unexpected revolution in both our understanding of and interest in relativistic hydrodynamics (RH). This revival was originally motivated by applications to the phenomenology of relativistic heavy-ion collisions as well as by surprising connections to advanced topics in theoretical physics, including topology and the physics of black holes in string theory. There has been a considerable amount of new theoretical work with novel experimental applications in this field in the past few years. This workshop will review and summarize recent achievements, address open issues, and map out promising directions for future developments.

The focus of this workshop will be on applications of RH to nuclear and condensed matter physics along with two cutting edge theoretical tools used in these applications — anomaly induced transport and the AdS/CFT correspondence. One of the main reasons for the resurgence of interest in RH is the success of the hydrodynamic description of the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) formed in high-energy nuclear collisions. The hydrodynamic model has gradually become a paradigm of heavy-ion phenomenology. At the same time, the study of transport is a powerful approach in condensed matter physics. There has been a surge of recent interest in the transport and collective behavior of novel materials, including for instance quantum gases, unconventional superconductors, graphene, quantum Hall systems and other topologically non-trivial phases of matter. Anomaly induced transport can provide a RH description of the chiral magnetic and chiral vortical effects, as well as order parameters which characterize and classify topologically non-trivial phases. The AdS/CFT correspondence, and holography more generally, provides a unique setting both to apply hydrodynamics to strongly interacting systems as well as to address formal questions about the structure of the hydrodynamic effective theory.

This workshop is a part of the Spring 2014 program, Quantum Anomalies, Topology, and Hydrodynamics, which is organized by Alexander Abanov, Dmitri Kharzeev, Boris Khesin, Dam Son, and Paul Wiegmann. This program takes place from January 17 – June 13, 2014.

*All workshop talks and discussion periods will be held in the Simons Center Lecture Hall (Room 102)
*The SCGP/Physics Colloquium (Dam Son) on Tuesday February 18th at 4:15pm will be in the Simons Center Auditorium (Room 103). Please note that tea time starts later on this day, at 3:45pm.
*Cancelled talk: Mike Stone “Classical and Quantum Anomalies.” Slides can be seen here.

Quantum Anomalies and Hydrodynamics: Applications to Nuclear and Condensed Matter Physics Workshop Schedule

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:00am Breakfast/registration begins (8:00am – 9:00am) SCGP Lobby and Cafe
 9:00am Remarks from the organizers: Welcome Alexander Abanov
 9:10am Emergent geometry of fractional quantum Hall fluids Duncan Haldane video
 9:45am Quasi-hydrodynamic metals: theory and practice Sean Hartnoll video
10:20am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
10:50am Field theory and quantum Hall states Dam Son video
11:25am Applications of the chiral superfluidity to QCD Tigran Kalaydzhyan video
12:00pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 1:30pm Thermal correlators with chiral anomaly and soft photon production in heavy-ion collisions Yi Yin video
 1:55pm Torsion, Parity-odd response & Anomalies in Topological Insulators Onkar Parrikar video
 2:20pm Anomalous hydrodynamic simulation for heavy-ion collisions Masaru Hongo video
 2:45pm The long range order in QCD and the violation of local P invariance in heavy ion collisions Ariel Zhitnitsky video
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:00pm Informal Discussion

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
10:05am QCD Topology, Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Deconfinement Edward Shuryak video
10:40am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:10am Chiral Kinetic Theory Mikhail Stephanov video
11:45am On the existence of the Chiral Magnetic Effect in Weyl semimetals Gökçe Basar video
12:00pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 1:30pm Out-of-equilibrium chiral magnetic effect from holography Shu Lin video
 1:55pm Losing Forward Momentum Holographically Koushik Balasubramanian video
 2:20pm In search of anomalous transport effects in heavy ion collisions Jinfeng Liao video
 2:55pm Discussion SCGP 102
 3:45pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:15pm SCGP-Physics colloquium: Dam Son, “Hydrodynamics and quantum anomalies” SCGP 103 video
 5:15pm Informal Discussion

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
 9:30am Axial magnetic fields in condensed matter. Two examples. Maria A. H. Vozmediano video
10:05am Cross-correlated response in topological superconductors Shinsei Ryu video
10:40am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:10am Effective actions for anomalous hydrodynamics Mukund Rangamani video
11:45am TBA Eugenio Megias Fernandez video
12:20pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 2:00pm Dynamics of the chiral vortical effect and its implications for Heavy ion collisions Francisco Jose Pena Benitez video
 2:25pm Quantum anomalies and real-time dynamics in QED_2 Frasher Loshaj video
 2:40pm Hamiltonian Formulation of Hydrodynamics in the Presence of Quantum Anomalies Gustavo Monteiro video
 2:55pm Non-Relativistic Parity-Violating Hydrodynamics in two Spatial Dimensions Matthias Kaminski video
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:00pm Informal Discussion


Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
 9:30am Matsubara sums and anomalies Karl Landsteiner video
10:05am Replacement rule in AdS/CFT Loganayagam Ramalingam video
10:40am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:10am Coset techniques, and a brute-force search for Wess-Zumino terms Alberto Nicolis video
11:45am Anomalies and generation of magnetic helicity in the Early Universe Oleg Ruchayskiy video
12:20pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 2:00pm Anomalies and the thermodynamic partition function Amos Yarom video
 2:35pm Effective field theory for the free electrons in external electromagnetic and gravitational fields Andrey Gromov video
 2:50pm Discussion Chaired by Kristan Jensen SCGP 102
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe
 4:15pm Informal Discussion
 6:30pm Workshop Banquet: available for all funded participants and invited locals/program visitors SCGP Cafe

Time Title Presenters  Video
 8:30am Breakfast begins (8:30am – 9:30am) SCGP Cafe
10:05am Effective theory of two-dimensional chiral superfluids Carlos Hoyos video
10:40am Coffee Break SCGP Cafe
11:10am Holographic path to turbulence in gravity and back Luis Lehner video
11:45am 1/N^2 corrections to the holographic Weyl anomaly Phillip Szepietowski video
12:10pm Lunch SCGP Cafe
 2:00pm Chiral superfluids Ismail Zahed video
 2:35pm Effective Field theories for Abelian fractional quantum Hall hierarchies Hans Hansson video
 3:10pm Informal Discussion
 3:30pm Tea Time SCGP Cafe