Continuum and Lattice Approaches to the Infrared Behavior of Conformal and Quasi- Conformal Gauge Theories: Jan. 8 – 12, 2018

Organized by Thomas Ryttov and Robert Shrock

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The evolution of an asymptotically free gauge theory from large Euclidean momentum in the ultraviolet (UV) to small momentum scales in the infrared (IR) is of fundamental field-theoretic importance. The evolution of the gauge coupling is described by the renormalization-group beta function. There is particular interest in the properties of the theory at an IR zero of this beta function, where the theory is scale-invariant and inferred to be conformally invariant. Consider a vectorial gauge theory with a gauge group G and a set of Nf massless fermions transforming according to a representation R of G. There is a range of Nf such that the theory flows from the UV to a deconfined chirally symmetric conformal non-Abelian Coulomb phase (NACP) associated with an IR zero of the beta function, which is an IR fixed point (IRFP) of the renormalization group. In contrast, for small Nf , the theory exhibits confinement with spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking in the IR. Although a number of exact results have been established for supersymmetric gauge theories, many questions are still unanswered and are under current investigation for non-supersymmetric gauge theories; for example, (i) what is the minimum value of Nf (in a theory with a given G and R) for which the theory evolves to the NACP in the infrared? (ii) what are the scaling dimensions of various physical operators at the IRFP?

In the past few years there has been an intensive program of research to understand the properties of this evolution and the resultant conformal field theory better. This program has involved both continuum approaches (e.g., series expansions and conformal bootstrap methods) and lattice gauge theory simulations. It is also of interest to investigate theories which exhibit a slowly running coupling associated with an approximate IRFP and hence quasi-conformal behavior. The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts working on all of these approaches to conformal and quasi-conformal field theories, so that they may present their new results, learn about the work of other groups, exchange ideas, and hopefully generate new results.


Talk Schedule

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Welcome From the Organizers Welcome Speeches SCGP 102
9:30am Light Dilatons, Impostors, and the Relation Between Scale and Conformal Invariance Benjamin Grinstein SCGP 102
10:30am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
11:00am Light Composite Scalar in SU(3) Lattice Gauge Theory with Nf = 8 Fermions in the
Fundamental Representation
Ethan Neil SCGP 102
12:00pm Lunch N/A Cafe
1:30pm Violation of Fermion Universality at a Conformal Fixed Point Anna Hasenfratz SCGP 102
2:30pm Coffee Break N/A cafe
3:00pm Exploring Signals of Conformality in Theories With Many Flavors: A LatKMI
Enrico Rinaldi SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Charting Fundamental Interactions: Safety Guaranteed and Fundamental Composite Dynamics Francesco Sannino SCGP 102
10:00am Coffee Break N/A cafe
10:30am Sigma Particle or Dilaton? Julius Kuti SCGP 102
11:30am Lunch N/A cafe
1:00pm SCGP Weekly Talk: Progress in Studies of Conformal and Quasiconformal Gauge Theories George Fleming SCGP 102
2:00pm Lattice Models of Composite Higgs Dynamics Claudio Pica SCGP 102
3:00pm Coffee Break N/A Cafe
3:30pm Higher-Order Calculations at Infrared Fixed Points in Gauge Theories Robert Shrock SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am CMS Searches for Resonances Decaying to WW/WZ Meenakshi Narain SCGP 102
10:00am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
10:30am ATLAS Searches for Resonances Decaying to WW/WZ Ines Ochoa SCGP 102
11:30am The Phenomenology of a Composite Higgs Boson – Vector Diboson Resonances Kenneth Lane SCGP 102
12:30pm Lunch N/A Cafe
2:00pm Scheme-Independent Calculations of Conformal Infrared Behavior in Nonsupersymmetric and Supersymmetric Gauge Theories Thomas A Ryttov SCGP 102
3:00pm Coffee Break N/A Cafe
3:30pm Infrared Behavior of SU(2) Gauge Theory with Fermions Kimo Tuominen SCGP 102
6:00pm   Conference Banquet Cafe

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Renormalisable and Asymptotically Free Quantum Gravity D. R. T. Jones SCGP 102
10:00am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
10:30am Fixed point Analyses for Banks-Zaks Critically and Models of Graphene John Gracey SCGP 102
11:30am Lattice Construction for Conformal Field Theory on Curved Riemann Manifolds Richard Brower SCGP 102
12:30pm Lunch N/A Cafe
2:00pm The U.S. Exascale Computing Project and the Lattice Search for Conformality Meifeng Lin SCGP 102
3:00pm Coffee break N/A N/A
3:30pm Maximally Supersymmetric Theories on the Lattice David Schaich SCGP 102
4:30pm Analysis of a Dilaton Effective Field Theory for Lattice Data James Ingoldby SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am The Infrared of (2 + 1)-Dimensional QCD: Confinement, Conformality, and Symmetric Breaking Zohar Komargodski SCGP 102
10:00am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
10:30am Quantum Spin Chains and Number Theory Vladimir Korepin SCGP 102
11:30am Conformal Field Theory, Bootstrap Methods, and Applications Dalimil Mazac SCGP 102
12:30pm Lunch N/A Cafe
2:00pm New Results in Conformal Field Theories Xinan Zhou SCGP 102
3:00pm   Closing Remarks SCGP 102
3:30pm Tea Time N/A 515