Winter School on New Applications of Mixed Hodge Modules: January 15-26, 2024


Organized by:

  • Bradley Dirks, Stony Brook University
  • Christian Schnell, Stony Brook University

This is a two-week winter school for graduate students and postdocs, on the topic of new applications of mixed Hodge modules. Morihiko Saito’s theory of mixed Hodge modules gives a wide-ranging generalization of the theory of variations of Hodge structures. It has found many applications in the 35 years since its creation, but our focus during the winter school will be on applications from roughly the past five years. There will be six lecture series, of about five hours each, delivered by the following speakers:

Dougal Davis
Lecture: Mixed Hodge modules and representation theory

Ben Davison
Lecture: Donaldson-Thomas theory

Qianyu Chen
Lecture: Minimal exponent and singularities

Radu Laza and Robert Friedman
Lecture: Higher rational singularities and deformation theory

Christian Schnell
Lecture: Hodge theory and Lagrangian fibrations

Junchao Shentu
Lecture: L2 description of Hodge modules