New Directions in Far from Equilibrium Integrability and Beyond: April 29 – May 3, 2024

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Organizing by:

  • Alexander Abanov (Stony Brook University)
  • Boris Altshuler (Columbia University)
  • Natan Andrei (Rutgers University)
  • Hrachya Babujian (Alikhanian National Lab, Yerevan Physics Institute)
  • Lea Santos (University of Connecticut)
  • Tigran Sedrakyan (University of Massachusetts)
  • Emil Yuzbashyan (Rutgers University)

The field of far from equilibrium many-body quantum systems is on the verge of a breakthrough both theoretically and experimentally. The program will facilitate progress by bringing together leading researchers in the field. We will leverage existing intellectual potential in integrable many-body and dynamical systems to ensure this program makes a critical and lasting impact on this rapidly developing field.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the problems that emerged and were formulated during the Program: New Directions in far from Equilibrium Integrability and beyond: March 11, 2024 – May 10, 2024.