Postponed Recent developments in Lagrangian Floer theory: March 15-19, 2021

This event has been postponed to March 14-18, 2022.


Organized by: Kenji Fukaya, SCGP, Yanki Lekili, King’s College London, Chris Woodward, Rutgers University.

The theme of the workshop is structural properties of Lagrangian Floer theory and its applications. Topics will include the behavior of Floer cohomology under various kinds of surgery; formulas for the behavior of disk potentials under Lagrangian surgery or mutation; potentials with values in the Chekanov-Eliashberg dg-algebra with loop space coefficients; techniques for showing unobstructedness of Lagrangians; the construction of generators of the Fukaya category; equivariant Floer theory and relations to vortex invariants; and the classification and construction of Lagrangian submanifolds. The goal of this workshop is to develop a community of junior and senior researchers in Lagrangian Floer theory.