Symplectic and Low Dimensional Topologies in Interaction December 3 – 7, 2012

Organized by Peter Ozsvath, Yakov Eliashberg, Robert Lipshitz and Mohammed Abouzaid

The workshop will explore recent developments in symplectic topology and low-dimensional topology, with an emphasis on connections between the two. Topics will include Heegaard Floer homology and its relation to combinatorial and geometric 3-manifold topology; contact geometry and its interaction with low-dimensional topology; symplectic embedding problems and symplectic dynamics; reconceptualizations of the Fukaya category and Floer homology, and relations to mirror symmetry; and categorification and knot homologies.

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Symplectic and Low Dimensional Topologies in Interaction Workshop Schedule

Time Title Presenters  Video
10:15am  A Khovanov Homotopy Type Sucharit Sarkar video
11:45am  Bordered Floer homology and the Seifert form Jen Hom video
1:00pm Lunch
02:15pm  Monodromy presentations via mirror symmetry Gabe Kerr video
03:30pm Tea
04:00pm  SYZ mirror symmetry and the A-polynomial of the unknot Denis Auroux video

Time Title Presenters Video
 9:00am  The stable symplectic category and quantization  Nitu Kitchloo video
 10:15am  Stable pairs and the homfly polynomial Davesh Maulik video
 11:45am  Does Heegaard Floer homology tell us anything about Heegaard genus? Yi Ni video
 1:00pm Lunch
 2:15pm  Obstruction bundles and counting holomorphic disks in Heegaard
Floer homology
John Pardon video
 3:30pm Tea
4:00pm  Strong L-spaces Josh Greene video

Time Title Presenters  Video
9:00am  Contact structures on 5 manifolds John Etnyre video
10:15am  Lagrangian Cobordisms and the Fukaya Category Hiro Lee Tanaka video
11:30pm  Categorification at prime roots of unity Mikhail Khovanov video
1:00pm Lunch

Time Title Presenters  Video
 9:00am  Seifert fibered Dehn filling Cameron Gordon video
 10:15am  On the symplectic invariance of log Kodaira dimension Mark McLean video
 11:45am  Invariants of transverse knots in Heegaard Floer homology Vera Vertesi video
 1:00pm Lunch
 2:15pm  Dihedral homology and the moon Urs Frauenfelder video
 3:30pm Tea
 4:00pm  Homological mirror symmetry for a Calabi-Yau hypersurface in projective space Nick Sheridan video

Time Title Presenters  Video
9:00am SU(N) gauge theory and immersed surfaces Peter Kronheimer video
10:15am  Packings and numbers in symplectic geometry Felix Schlenk video
11:45am  Bordered Floer homology and splicing knot complements Adam Levine video
1:00pm  Lunch
2:15pm  Knot Floer homology and bordered algebras  Zoltan Szabo video
3:30pm  Tea


Confirmed List of Speakers:

Mikhail Khovanov

Gabe Kerr
Jen Hom
Denis Auroux
Nitu Kitchloo
Nicholas Sheridan
Yi Ni
Josh Greene
John Etnyre
Hiro Lee Tanaka
Cameron Gordon
Mark McLean
Vera Vertesi
Urs Frauenfelder
Peter Kronheimer
Felix Schlenk
Adam Levine
Zoltan Szabo
Sucharit Sarkar
John Pardon