Conformal Invariance in Continuous and Discrete Systems: April 8 – 12, 2013

Organized by John Cardy, Greg Lawler and Paul Wiegmann


The workshop will focus on the mathematical and physical understanding of the interrelations between Conformal Field Theory and Schramm Loewner Evolution, as well as their relation to discrete lattice systems such as percolation, Ising models, Potts models, loop models, and dimers. The other topics covered will include Conformal Loop Ensembles, the Gaussian Free Field and Quantum Gravity, discrete holomorphicity and integrability, disordered lattice models including network models of Anderson localization, and random maps (such as random triangulations).


This workshop is a part of the Spring 2013 program Conformal Geometry, which is organized by Ilia Binder, John Cardy, Andrei Okounkov, and Paul Wiegmann


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Conformal Invariance Workshop Schedule

Time Title Presenters  Video
10:00am On the probability that a loop-erased walk contains a particular edge Greg Lawler video
11:15am Conformal Uniformization of CLE Carpets Brent Werness video
12:15pm Lunch
 2:15pm Multifractal spectrum of harmonic measure Dmitry Belyaev video
 2:50pm Dimension Spectrum of SLE Boundary Collisions Tom Alberts video
 3:30pm Tea Time
 4:00pm Conformal restriction in Anderson transitions Eldad Bettelheim Not Recorded 
 4:35pm The Green’s function for the radial Schramm-Loewner evolution Michael Kozdron video

Time Title Presenters Video
10:00am Multifractality of Whole-Plane SLE Bertrand Duplantier video
11:15am SLE variants in the critical Ising model Konstantin Izyurov video
12:15pm Lunch
 2:15pm Quantum group solutions to two SLE problems Kalle Kytölä video
 2:50pm Conformal restriction, conformal geometry and vertex algebras Benjamin Doyon video
 3:30pm Tea Time
 4:00pm Asymptotic expansion of polyanalytic Bergman kernels Haakan Hedenmalm video
 4:35pm Distribution of eigenvalues of random normal matrices near the edge of the spectrum Nam-Gyu Kang video
 6:00pm FAX Pattern Exhibition: 3D Printing Demonstration by Phil Webster Simons Center Art Gallery
 7:00pm Moroccan Food Tasting with Wine Pairings and Live Music Simons Center Cafe

Time Title Presenters  Video
10:00am Banded states in the Ising model Richard Kenyon video
11:15am Self-avoiding walks in a rectangular domain Tony Guttman video
12:15pm Lunch
 2:15pm  Convergence of random curves to Loewner evolutions Antti Kemppainen video
 3:30pm Tea Time
 6:00pm Wine and Cheese Reception With Live Music Simons Center Lobby
 6:30pm Staged Readings of Science-Playwright Competition Winners Simons Center Auditorium, Room 103

Time Title Presenters  Video
10:00am TBA Scott Sheffield video
11:15am ODE/IM correspondence for the Fateev model Sergei Lukyanov video
12:15pm Lunch
 2:15pm Recent developments on discrete holomorphicity and integrability Murray Batchelor video
 2:50pm Connectivities of Potts Fortuin-Kasteleyn clusters and Liouville time-like correlator Jacopo Viti video
 3:30pm Tea Time
 4:00pm Clément Hongler- Planar Ising Model: discrete and continuous structures Math Colloquim Lecture, Simons Center Room 102 video
 7:15pm Banquet Dinner Simons Center Cafe


Time Title Presenters  Video
10:00am On the continuity of SLE(\kappa) in \kappa and related results Fredrik Viklund video
11:15am Power law convergence of crossing probabilities for critical percolation Ilia Binder video
12:15pm Lunch
 2:00pm Quasi-classical expansion of the star-triangle relation and integrable systems on quad-graphs Vladimir Bazhanov video
 2:35pm Conformal invariance of Ising Model Fields and Correlations Clément Hongler video
 3:30pm Tea Time