Anomalies: March 8-10, 2023

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Organizing by:
1. Sally Dawson (BNL)
2. Bhupal Dev (WUSTL)
3. Aida El-Khadra (UIUC)
4. Stefania Gori (UCSC)
5. Amarjit Soni (BNL)
6. George Sterman (YITP/Stony Brook)
7. Patrick Meade (YITP/Stony Brook)

For the past several years three key anomalies indicating lepton flavor universality violation (LFUV) have been getting a lot of attention as they each have a significance of more than 3 standard deviations. In the past year, in particular, important further progress has come from the LHCb experiment at CERN and current indications are that possibly in the next few months the Flavor Changing Neutral Current (FCNC) anomaly is very likely to move to over 4 standard deviations. In a similar vein the Fermilab g-2 Collaboration has recently indicated that they have been analyzing over an order of magnitude larger dataset beyond what they had used in their first report of 2021 which resulted in a 4.2 standard deviations from the Standard Model. Thus, unless the recently accumulated data uncovers some highly unexpected departure from the past, the muon g-2 anomaly is very likely to move to over 5 standard deviations. With this perspective in mind, the main objective of this workshop is to bring together experts, from both theoretical and experimental communities, working on various aspects and interpretations of the flavor anomalies. This can lead to new ideas in resolving the anomalies, as well as to future directions in the quest for new physics. The workshop will provide a unique platform to explore possible interconnections between flavor anomalies, issues in neutrino and dark sectors, and collider signals. Brainstorming all complementary aspects of the anomalies will help us unravel otherwise obscure links between seemingly disparate pieces of evidence of new physics.