Hyperbolic & Dispersive Equations on Curved Geometries: Connections to Physics and General Relativity: April 7-11, 2025

Organized by:

  • Elena Giorgi (Columbia University)
  • Alexandru Ionescu (Princeton University)
  • Avy Soffer (Rutgers University)
  • Maxime Van de Moortel (Rutgers University)

This workshop will bring together leaders in the fields of Hyperbolic & Dispersive PDEs and General Relativity. The latter group comprises influential figures from both Mathematics and Physics communities. Our overarching objective is two-fold: to forge connections across both fields and to facilitate meaningful interactions between established leaders and promising early-career researchers. Furthermore, we aim to engage graduate students and postdocs in the greater New York area by offering them a unique chance to learn from and engage with leaders in the field.