Progress in quantum collective phenomena – from MBL to black holes: November 13 – 17, 2017

Organized by: Alexander Abanov, Sriram Ganeshan, Kristan Jensen, and Vadim Oganesyan

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Recent years have witnessed significant progress in understanding the behavior of quantum many-body systems without relying on the age-old assumptions of thermalization or equilibration. Qualitatively new and different real-time dynamics have been found in fields ranging from condensed matter systems to strongly interacting theories with string duals. This workshop will attempt to survey and bridge these exciting advances, bringing together a diverse community of active participants.

This workshop is a part of the program: Hydrodynamics, ergodicity, entanglement and localization in interacting lattice models and field theories: September 11 – December 15, 2017.

Talk Schedule

Time Title Presenter Location
9:30am Constraint-driven localization and thermalization Anushya Chandran SCGP102
10:20am Coffee N/A SCGP Cafe
10:50am Two new applications of geometric critical phenomena for disordered electron systems Matthew Foster SCGP102
11:40am Universal dynamics of entanglement and operators Adam Nahum SCGP102
12:30pm Lunch N/A N/A
2:00pm MBL, LIOMs, and rare region effects: an introduction John Imbrie SCGP102
2:50pm Quantum work statistics, Loschmidt echo and information scrambling Adolfo del Campo SCGP102
3:50pm Tea Time N/A SCGP Cafe
4:20pm Quantum Dynamics in Rugged Energy Landscapes Christopher Baldwin SCGP102
4:40pm Late-time dynamics and random matrix theory Jordan Cotler SCGP102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Computing quantum thermalization dynamics: from quantum chaos to emergent hydrodynamics Ehud Altman SCGP 102
9:50am Entropy production from symmetry and unitarity Paolo Glorioso SCGP 102
10:40am Eigenstate Thermalization and Locality. Anatoly Dymarsky SCGP 102
11:30am Lunch N/A SCGP Cafe
12:45pm SCGP Weekly Talk: Black Hole Horizons and Many Body Quantum Chaos Herman L. Verlinde SCGP 102
Mini Workshop on Gravitational Waves & Neutron Stars Mergers
2:00pm Introduction to Gravitational Waves and LIGO Yuri Levin SCGP 102
2:40pm Jets in Gamma Ray Bursts from Merging Neutron Stars Andrew MacFadyen SCGP 102
3:20pm Discussion N/A N/A
3:50pm Tea Time N/A SCGP Cafe
4:10pm History of the r-process and Heavy Element Production in Binary Mergers Jim Lattimer SCGP 102
4:50pm Kilonova Emission from a Binary Neutron Star Merger Brian Metzger SCGP 102
5:30pm Discussion N/A SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:30am Localization with and without randomness David Huse SCGP102
10:20am Coffee N/A SCGPCafe
10:50am Classical-to-quantum correspondence and transitions in chaotic dynamics of out-of-time-ordered correlators. Victor Galitski SCGP102
11:40am Deriving local Floquet Hamiltonians using the replica trick Anatoli Polkovnikov SCGP102
12:30pm Lunch N/A N/A
2:00pm New phase transitions and singularities in quasiperiodic quantum Ising chains Philip Crowley SCGP 102
2:50pm Operator spreading and the emergence of dissipation in unitary dynamics with conservation laws Vedika Khemani SCGP 102
3:50pm Tea Time N/A SCGP Cafe
4:20pm Tutorial Anatoly Dymarsky SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:30am A disordered spin chain with on-site finite non-Abelian symmetry—a case study of its eigenstate phases Tzu-Chieh Wei SCGP 102
10:20am Coffee N/A SCGP Cafe
10:50am How to get a black belt (and black spot) in anti-de Sitter space Christopher Herzog SCGP 102
11:40am Flow equation holography Stefan Kehrein SCGP 102
12:30pm Lunch N/A N/A
2:00pm Holographic Quenches at Zero Temperature Moshe Rozali SCGP 102
2:50pm Analytical results for chaotic many-body quantum systems out of equilibrium Lea Santos SCGP 102
3:50pm Tea Time N/A SCGP Cafe

Time Title Presenter Location
9:30am Transport properties across the many body localization transition in quasiperiodic
and random systems
Jedediah Pixley SCGP 102
10:20am Coffee N/A SCGP Cafe
10:50am Open quantum system generalization of Incommensurate lattice models in low dimensions. Manas Kulkarni SCGP 102
11:40am Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model as a Liouville Quantum Mechanics Alex Kamenev SCGP 102
12:30pm Lunch N/A N/A
2:00pm The large D limit of holographic turbulence Amos Yarom SCGP 102