Virtual Workshop Floer homology in low-dimensional topology: January 11-15, 2021

Organized by: Matthew Hedden, Tom Mrowka, Olga Plamenevskaya, Jacob Rasmussen

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This event has been changed to a Zoom Conference. There will be two talks every day (at 1:00pm and 3:00pm, U.S. Eastern Time)  as well as informal discussion time following each talk.

This workshop will explore topics of current interest in the theory of Floer homology for 3-manifolds. Floer homology is a powerful tool for studying the topology of 3- and 4-dimensional manifolds, and the relations between them. The first such invariants were introduced by Floer, and arose in the context of Donaldson theory on smooth 4-manifolds.

In the thirty years since Floer introduced his instanton homology, the theory of Floer homology for 3-manifolds has continuously grown and developed, offering new insights and applications at each turn. There are a wide variety of ways to define the Floer homology of a 3-manifold. Many of these are now known to be equivalent, but their relation to the original instanton homology remains mysterious. Topics which the workshop will emphasize

• Equivariant Floer homology, including Pin(2)-equivariant monopole Floer homology, involutive Heegaard Floer homology, and equivariant Floer theories in symplectic topology;

• Invariants of 3-manifolds with boundary and corresponding relative invariants of tangles;

• Relations between different Floer theories, with an emphasis on those between instanton Floer homologies and the other flavors of Floer homology (monopole, Heegaard, ECH);

• Concordance and homology cobordism invariants derived from Floer homology.

A unifying goal of the workshop is to better understand the geometric content of Floer homologies. We aim to bring together researchers in Floer homology and related fields (e.g. foliations, concordance and homology cobordism, symplectic geometry) which have a bearing on the subjects above.

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Talk Schedule

Time Title Speaker
1:00pm Title of paper: Transverse invariants and exotic surfaces in the 4-ball Andras Juhasz
3:00pm L-space knots have no essential Conway spheres Claudius Zibrowius

Time Title Speaker
1:00pm Filtered instanton Floer homology and the homology cobordism group Masaki Taniguchi
3:00pm Sutured instanton homology and Heegaard diagrams John Baldwin

Time Title Speaker
1:00pm Infinite order rationally slice knots Jen Hom
3:00pm Monopole Floer homology for 3-manifolds with toroidal boundary Donghao Wang

Time Title Speaker
1:00pm Instanton Floer homology of (1,1)-knot Zhenkun Li
3:00pm A few refinements of Heegaard Floer genus bounds Ian Zemke

Time Title Speaker
1:00pm Title: Non-orientable cobordisms and torsion in Floer homology Sherry Gong
3:00pm Surgery formulas for involutive Heegaard Floer homology Kristen Hendricks