Beyond WIMPs: from Theory to Detection: March 27-29, 2017

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Organized By: Rouven Essig, Jeremy Mardon, Samuel McDermott, Peter Sorensen, Tomer Volansky, and Tien-Tien Yu.

The identity of dark matter is one of the most important and urgent problems in physics today. For more than three decades, the dominant paradigm for explaining dark matter has been a Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) and most theoretical and experimental efforts have been directed towards finding WIMPs. However, null results from direct and indirect detection experiments searching for dark matter, as well as a dearth of interesting candidates at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, motivate the exploration of other well-motivated, non-WIMP dark matter candidates. Examples include axions, self-interacting dark matter, strongly-interacting dark matter, and dark matter with masses well below the Weak scale.

The purpose of this workshop is to investigate non-WIMP candidates, which requires a thorough theoretical exploration, including the study of model-building aspects, motivations, and existing constraints. Theoretical advances often lead to novel experimental approaches, which will also be discussed. Ample time will be devoted to informal discussions that will act to strengthen scientific collaborations and to identify new directions that may lead the dark matter frontier in the near future.

Talk Schedule

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Critical Examination of The Existence of Dark Matter Stacy McGaugh SCGP 102
10:00am Simulations of Structure Formation: status and challenges Frank van den Bosch SCGP 102
11:00am N/A BREAK SCGP Cafe
11:30am Is there a small-scale crisis of cold, collisionless dark matter Alyson Brooks SCGP 102
12:30pm LUNCH N/A SCGP Cafe
2:00pm Self-interacting Dark Matter Manoj Kaplinghat SCGP 102
3:00pm N/A BREAK
3:30pm Self-interacting Panel S. Tulin and H. Yu
4:30pm N/A Dark Matter RMP

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Axions Mina Arvanitaki SCGP 102
10:00am N/A BREAK
10:30am New Directions in Searching for Non-WIMP dark matter Maxim Pospelov SCGP 102
11:30am N/A discussion
12:00pm LUNCH N/A SCGP Cafe
1:00pm Dark Matter: Past, Present, and Future SCGP Weekly Talk: Neal Weiner SCGP 102
2:00pm N/A BREAK
2:30pm Cosmology of Thermal Dark Sectors Joshua Ruderman SCGP 102
3:30pm N/A BREAK
4:00pm N/A sub-GeV DM session: short talks
5:00pm N/A Panel Discussion
6:00pm N/A Banquet

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am superfluid Dark Matter Justin Khoury SCGP 102
10:00am Macroscopic Dark Matter Yacine Ali-Haimoud SCGP 102
11:00am N/A BREAK
11:30am Exotic Matter from Chiral Gauge Theories David B Kaplan SCGP 102
12:30pm LUNCH N/A SCGP Cafe
2:30pm Warm Dark Matter & Sterile neutrinos Kev Abazajian SCGP 102
3:30pm N/A BREAK
4:00pm N/A discussion