Exotic Hadrons and Flavor Physics: May 28 – June 1, 2018

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Exotic Hadrons: Marek Karliner, Jon Rosner and Tomasz Skwarnicki
Flavor Physics: Amarjit Soni and George Sterman

During the last few years there has been a large number of new experimental discoveries of “exotic” hadrons which do not fit the standard quark model. The mesons among them cannot be constructed out of a quark-antiquark pair and the baryons cannot be constructed out of three quarks. Initially the new results came mostly from the B factories, but in the last two years the LHCb experiment at CERN has taken the lead. LHCb discoveries of pentaquark-like baryons P_c and the doubly-charmed baryon \Xi_{cc}^{++} have given a major boost to theoretical interpretation of the exotic states and provided a firm basis for predictions of new ones, including a stable tetraquark. Theoretical ideas and developments include hadronic molecules, tightly bound tetraquarks and pentaquarks, diquark-antidiquark configurations, as well as significant progress in lattice QCD. In addition to the new developments in physics of exotic hadrons there have been several new interesting experimental results in flavor physics. If confirmed, they might signal physics beyond the Standard Model. The pace of progress in these fields is likely to be even faster in the next few years. The SCGP workshop will focus on these developments. The majority of participants will be contacted at the organizers’ initiative.

Please note that Monday May 28th is the Memorial Day holiday and the university offices will be closed. Still, the lecture hall will be available for the workshop, and talks will start Monday Morning. Arrangements will be made for breakfast and lunch on Monday, but no administrative staff will be present. The flavor physics segment of the workshop will take place during Thursday and all day Friday. Also on Thursday and possibly on Wednesday we hope to have some talks of common interest to both exotics and flavor communities.

Talk Schedule

Time Title Presenter Location
9:40am Ordinary and extraordinary hadrons Robert Jaffe SCGP 102
10:15am Baryon-antibaryon exotics; heavy baryons Jon Rosner SCGP 102
10:50am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
11:20am Hybrids Eric Swanson SCGP 102
11:55am Theory of hadronic molecules Ulf-G. Meissner SCGP 102
12:30pm Lunch N/A Cafe
2:00pm Heavy-light exotics Feng-Kun Guo SCGP 102
2:35pm Some speculations about Quirks Shmuel Nussinov SCGP 102
3:10pm Coffe Break N/A Cafe
3:40pm Exotic hadrons from holographic QCD Ismail Zahed SCGP 102
4:05pm Dynamically generated exotic hadrons from superconformal algebra and light-front holography Stan Brodsky SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Unresolved and forgotten Stephen Olsen SCGP 102
9:40am Open questions in hadron spectroscopy at BESIII Ryan Mitchell SCGP 102
10:15am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
10:50am Exotic hadrons at LHCb Tomasz Skwarnicki SCGP 102
11:30am Exotic hadrons: results and perspectives at ATLAS and CMS Alexis Pompili SCGP 102
12:10pm Lunch N/A Cafe
2:00pm New results on exotic hadrons at BESIII Changzheng Yuan SCGP 102
2:40pm Heavy baryons and multiple-flavored exotics at LHCb Marco Pappagallo SCGP 102
3:20pm Coffee Break N/A Cafe
3:50pm Photo-production of Pc states at JLab Bryan McKinnon SCGP 102
4:25pm Future of hadron exotics at BelleII Bryan Fulsom SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Multiquark states: QCD string-junction picture Gabriele Veneziano SCGP 102
9:35am Compact tetra- and penta-quarks Ahmed Ali SCGP 102
10:10am Prompt production of exotic hadrons Alessandro Pilloni SCGP 102
10:45am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
11:20am Triangle singularities and cusps Adam Szczepaniak SCGP 102
11:55am Threshold phenomena, triangle singularity and exotic hadrons Qiang Zhao SCGP 102
12:30pm Lunch N/A Cafe
2:00pm More about hadrons with heavy quarks Estia Eichten SCGP 102
2:35pm Few-body dynamics in baryons and multiquarks Jean-Marc Richard SCGP 102
3:10pm Coffee Break N/A Cafe
3:40pm Five quarks coupled with open channels Atsushi Hosaka SCGP 102
4:15pm Doubly-heavy baryons in heavy-ion collisions Xiaojun Yao SCGP 102

5:00pmBSM ideas on flavor anomaliesJernej KamenikSCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
9:00am Stable tetraquarks Marek Karliner SCGP 102
9:35am Stable doubly bottom and bottom-charm tetraquarks Kim Maltman SCGP 102
10:10am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
10:50am Stable tetraquarks Chris Quigg SCGP 102
11:25am Stable tetraquarks Misha Voloshin SCGP 102
12:00pm Lunch N/A Cafe
1:30pm RD(*), Belle status and outlook for Belle-II Toru Iijima SCGP 102
2:00pm RD(*), LHCb status and outlook, Run 1, Run 2 and beyond Guy Wormser SCGP 102
2:30pm Status of SM predictions for RD(*) Michele Papucci SCGP 102
3:00pm Coffee Break N/A Cafe
3:30pm RK(*), Belle status and outlook for Belle-II Vladimir Savinov SCGP 102
4:00pm RK(*), LHCb status and outlook, Run 1, Run 2 and beyond Sheldon Stone SCGP 102
4:30pm BSM ideas on flavor anomalies Jernej Kamenik SCGP 102

Time Title Presenter Location
8:30am g-2 expt status and outlook Chris Polly SCGP 102
9:00am g-2 hadronic VP theory status and outlook, off and on the lattice Thomas Teubner SCGP 102
9:30am  LBL contributions to g-2 Christoph Lehner SCGP 102
10:00am Coffee Break N/A Cafe
10:30am  Status and outlook for lattice calculations for RD(*) and RK(*) Elvira Gamiz SCGP 102
11:00am  EFT analysis for flavor anomalies Jorge Martin Camalich SCGP 102
11:30am  More BSM ideas on flavor anomalies Gudrun Hiller SCGP 102
12:00pm  Lunch N/A Cafe
1:30pm  Kaon expts, status and outlook Matthew Moulson SCGP 102
2:00pm BSM ideas on eps’ and other flavor anomalies  Ulrich Nierste SCGP 102
2:30pm  K pi pi & eps’, status and outlook Chris Kelly  SCGP 102
3:00pm  Coffee Break N/A  Cafe
3:20pm  Experimental Summary  Tim Gershon SCGP 102
4:05pm  Theory Summary  Matthias Neubert SCGP 102
4:50pm  Closing   SCGP 102