String Phenomenology, April 23rd – 27th, 2012

Organized by Mike Douglas, Gordon Kane and Dave Morrison

String phenomenology is the field which attempts to make contact between string theory and “real world” physics such as experiments at particle colliders, cosmology and astroparticle physics.  Especially after the duality revolution of the 90’s, major progress has been made towards constructing string models which reproduce the Standard Model, and predict diverse possibilities for “beyond the Standard Model physics” such as low energy supersymmetry, warped extra dimensions and others.  These models can also explain dark matter and the cosmic microwave background. This has involved technical progress in computing the particle spectrum and nonperturbative effects, moduli stabilization, supersymmetry breaking and on many other problems.  The field makes essential use of mathematics such as the algebraic geometry of Calabi-Yau manifolds and vector bundles, computational algebraic geometry, generalized geometry and special holonomy manifolds.

Besides covering recent developments in the area such as advances in computing nonperturbative corrections and in computing supersymmetry beraking terms, we plan to have several focus days, including one day on recent results from Cern, one on contact with mathematics, and another on systematic exploration of the space of models along the lines of the String Vacuum Project.


Bobby Acharya, Archana Anandakrishnan, Lilia Anguelova, Per Berglund, Volker Braun, Michele Cicoli, Mirjam Cvetic, Keith Dienes, Thomas Grimm, Jim Halverson, Yang – Hui He, Denis Klevers, Sven Krippendorf, Piyush Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Ran Lu, Joe Marsano, Christoph Mayrhofer, Paul McGuirk, Brent Nelson, Burt Ovrut, Daniel Park, Hernan Piragua, Fernando Quevedo, Saúl Ramos-Sánchez, Peng Song, Gary Shiu, Michael Stillman, Washington (Wati) Taylor, Roberto Valandro, Herman Verlinde, Tim Wrase



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String Phenomenology Schedule

Title Speaker Links
 09:15-10:15  Postponed until 10:45
 10:45-11:45  F-theory Compactifications and Toric Geometry Volker Braun Video
 11:45-01:15  Lunch
 01:15-02:15  Geometries for Global IIB Models with all Kähler Moduli Fixed  Christoph Mayrhofer Video
 02:30-03:30  Moduli Stabilisation in Explicit Global Constructions  Roberto Valandro Video
 03:30-04:00  Tea

Title Speaker  Links
10:00-11:00 Generic Predictions of String/M theory for the LHC, Dark Matter and Cosmology Bobby Acharya Video
11:15-12:15 Compactified String/M Theories and the Higgs Boson Mass Prediction Piyush Kumar Video
12:15-01:30 Lunch
01:30-02:30 F-theory Bases, Duality and Constraints for 6D and 4D Supergravity
Wati Taylor Video
02:45-03:45 Constraints from F-Theory and their M-Theory origin Thomas Grimm Video
03:30-04:00 Tea

Title Speaker
09:15-10:15 Phenomenological Predictions of String/M Theory Ran Lu Video
 10:45-11:45 Algorithmic Algebraic Geometry in Heterotic Phenomenology Yang-Hui He Video
11:45-01:15 Lunch
 01:15-02:15 Studying F-theory Through Anomalies (In Six-dimensions) Daniel Park Video
02:30-03:30 Break
03:30-04:00 Tea

Title Speaker
 09:15-10:15 Phenomenology with Heterotic Orbifolds Saúl Ramos-Sánchez Video
10:45-11:45 Model Building with D-branes at Singularities Sven Krippendorf Video
11:45-01:15 Lunch
01:15-02:15 Kähler Moduli Cosmology Michele Cicoli Video
02:30-03:30  Phenomenological Heterotic Theory: The Renormalization Group, Moduli Stabilization and All That Burt Ovrut Video
03:30-04:00 Tea

Title Speaker
09:15-10:15 Nonabelian Gauge Theories for Determinantal Calabi-Yau Manifolds Vijay Kumar Video
10:45-11:45  “Fluxes and Warping in F-­‐Theory” Denis Klevers Video
11:45-01:15  Lunch

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