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A Message from Simons Center Director, Luis Alvarez-Gaume, in response to COVID-19

Dear all,

If you have been following the announcements issued by the University, we cannot continue with business as usual at the Center.  As such, we will be following the guidelines below:

1.The building has been closed to those without key card access. If you have key card access to the Center, you may come to work in your office, but please strictly follow the precautions set forth by the University. The NYS Governor has mandated 75% of workforce to work remotely.

2.  Outside visitors can no longer be allowed in the SCGP, without proper authorization – whether someone from a different institution, or members of the Center coming from abroad.  Everyone is requested to follow a voluntary quarantine of up to two weeks at home monitoring the possible appearance of COVID symptoms after traveling.  

3.  If you are working from home, it is important to stay online, at least during working hours. Please also continue to exercise public caution and follow the University guidelines, even when working remotely.  

4.  All official public activities at the Center have been cancelled as of Monday March 23.

5. The Simons Center Cafe will remain open for light/takeout service during normal business hours.

6.  We will monitor how things evolve and update at least weekly.  These  guidelines apply from today.

Let’s hope this crisis is over soon.

Best wishes