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Dr. Avia Raviv Moshe Selected as a Zuckerman-CHE Israeli Women Postdoctoral Scholar

Congratulations to Simons Center incoming Research Assistant Professor Dr. Avia Raviv Moshe. Avia joins the Simons Center this fall, 2020, from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University.

The Zuckerman-CHE STEM Leadership Program to date numbers 175 scholars, 58 of them Israeli Postdoctoral Scholars. The program seeks to strengthen the connections between the United States, Canada and Israel, and to enhance academic relationships between the universities of these countries.

The prize will enable Avia to participate in joint programs and activities organized by the Zuckerman Institute in the US. or Canada, and was awarded in recognition of her impressive scientific achievements to date, career development plans, and demonstrated leadership qualities.

Avia’s research focuses on topics at the intersection of quantum field theory, gravity and condensed matter physics. In particular, she has worked on Lifshitz field theories, non-relativistic supersymmetry, anisotropic scale anomalies and relativistic CFTs including four-dimensional Liouville field theories. Her thesis, produced under the supervision of Prof. Yaron Oz, was on the subject of scaling symmetries and their applications to supersymmetric quantum field theories. For the future, Avia is interested in researching the role of discrete and continuous symmetries in quantum field theory, hoping to provide new insights into quantum field theory and particle physics, as well as useful applications to physical systems in condensed matter.