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Call for Proposals

Each year the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics mounts visiting programs and workshops in various focused areas of mathematics and theoretical physics. The following is a short description and the request for proposals to organize these scientific activities at the Center. Your ideas are crucial for the successful running of the Center!


Each year the Simons Center supports about 4-5 visiting programs at the Center. These programs normally last from 3 months to a semester and have organizing committees from outside the Center. These committees are responsible for choosing the intellectual scope of the program and also suggest those who will be invited to the Center to participant in the program. Most invitees come for a month though a few, including hopefully at least some of the organizing committee, can be in residence for the entire program. The Center can support roughly 10 visiting members at any one time in a program.

Organize a Program at the Simons Center


Each year the Simons Center supports 8-10 one-week workshops at the Center. These are concentrated periods of activity in a focused area of interest to the Center. Typically, the workshops are organized by committees people from outside the Simons Center. In addition to providing the administrative support for a workshops, the Center supports 25 to 30 participants who are invited to the Center for the workshop. This support includes travel and local lodging for all participants. A workshop normally will have 3 to 5 talks a day with breaks for lunch and afternoon, but the details of the schedule are left to the organizers.

Organize a Workshop at the Simons Center


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