Program Organizer Information

The Simons Center follows a strict timeline in order to have efficient and successful programs. Please see below the chart for a general timeline for organizing a program.

SCGP Program Organizer Timeline



Submit program proposal to the Simons Center Scientific Advisory Committee. For complete instructions on how to apply to organize a program at SCGP, please see our Call for Proposals webpage. Proposals for programs in a given academic year are due by September 30 of the previous academic year. Proposals submitted earlier are welcomed, and can be approved earlier.
Send the list of first round invitees (first name, last name, email) to SCGP program coordinator, and approve the invitation email template.First round of invitations are sent out. 9 months prior to program start date, or as soon as possible after your program proposal is approved.
Organizers contact directly the first round participants that have not responded to the invitation. 7 months prior to program start date.
Deadline for the first round of invited participants to respond to the invitation. Online web applications to participate in the program are now open. Poster created with list of first round participants. 6 months prior to program start date.
Provide list of second round of invitations to be sent out. 5 months prior to program start date.
Program organizers monitor invitee responses in the SCGP Online Portal and contact individuals directly who have not responded, as needed. Invite more participants if there is space remaining. Ongoing
Deadline for all participants’ visit dates to be finalized (reminder email sent to all by SCGP; visit date changes cannot be guaranteed after this date). 3 months prior to program start date.
If there is space remaining, postdocs and PhD Students can be invited as last-minute participants, to be confirmed by organizers. Approve/decline online applicants. 3 months prior to program start date.
The final program poster is created, posted online, and sent to all confirmed participants. 2 months prior to program start date.
Deadline to select the regular talk time slots among the SCGP provided options. 1 month prior to program start date.
Speakers and titles for the next week’s program seminar(s). Thursday every week; if this deadline is missed, talks will not be announced.



By default the Center invites people for a 4-week stay and discourages short-term visits (visits of less than 2 weeks).

  • A visitor is allowed to split their 4-week stay into two visits (if travel support is requested and confirmed, only one trip is reimbursed).
  • Any stay longer than 28 days or shorter than 12 days will need to be approved by the program organizers, and the Program and Workshop Coordinator.
  • SCGP expects all proposed program organizers to visit for at least 2 weeks and especially welcomes those who stay longer or for the entire duration of the program.

As an organizer, you decide who you want to invite to the program.

  • You will be communicated the SCGP housing capacity (normally 15-20 people in residence at any given time, including organizers, excluding locals) for the duration of your program, and your goal is to fully utilize this in order to create the maximal amount of research activity. Thus if below the maximum number of people are expected to be in residence at any give time, you should invite more.
    • By default, invitees will only be offered housing (no travel), but if they cannot attend without travel support, they will have the option to ask for financial aid. The deadline to ask for financial aid and to respond to the invitation will be the same.  Participants can respond to their original invitation with a request for additional funds.
    • After the web application deadline, the list of all applicants will be sent to the organizers for discussion. Based on the space in the program, you can potentially invite more people among these applicants.
    • As organizers, you have the option of inviting program participants for specific dates, if you choose to, but normally we suggest scheduling various key activities (mini-courses, special lectures, etc) throughout your program in advance, and then letting invitees choose their own dates.
    • The visit dates are on the first-come first-serve basis based on the SCGP housing capacity limitation for the program.

Program Attendee Offer (including for organizers)

The typical offer for a program participant includes the following:

  • Lodging expenses in SCGP shared faculty housing (1 bedroom) or equivalent for 2-4 weeks
  • Discount for breakfast and lunch at SCGP café
  • By default, program invitees are asked to support their own travel expenses, but they can ask individually for financial aid for travel support from SCGP (one round-trip ticket, with price capped depending on the region they are coming from)
  • For program participants staying for 4 weeks or longer, it may sometimes be possible for SCGP to provide them with a rental car if appropriate

Online Web Applications/Travel Financial Aid

  • The Simons Center accepts applications to participate in our programs via the webpage here. There is a section in this application for requesting travel/housing financial aid.
  • The deadline to apply is three months before the program. At that time, the application will be closed and the list of applicants will be forwarded to the organizers. The organizers can choose to invite any of these people with or without support, subject to space and budget limitations.
  • Organizers must decide to accept/reject applicants and all support offers, 3 months before the event start.  The list of participants visit dates and support will then be finalized.

Draft Invitation

Below is a sample invitation, note it will be changed based on the individual participant’s offer:

Dear {first_name} {last_name},

The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is hosting the {event_name} organized by {event__organizers}. The program occurs from {event__date_start} to {event__date_end}. On behalf of the Simons Center, we would like to invite you to spend one month at the Center during this time.

For more information on the program, please visit: {event_url}


The Center will provide:

1. Lodging at SCGP visitor housing (all costs covered by the center) for up to one month.


We would appreciate the use of your own travel funding sources as much as possible, to maximize the number of participants in the program (particularly, young researchers). Please respond to this message if you do not have any travel funding available, and would like to ask for financial assistance for your travel costs.

Be kindly advised that you are responsible for your meal costs during your stay, but we will provide you with a discount at the Simons Center cafe for breakfast and lunch.


For all pertinent information regarding your visit to the center including immigration/VISA, amenities, transportation, and much more, please visit our dedicated Visitor Information page:

Visitor Information

International travelers requiring a visa: before confirming your attendance we recommend you take a look at your local consulate wait times. If you will not be able to obtain a visa before your scheduled arrival date please respond to this message. Do not book any flights until you are registered for the program.


Respond by {date_registration_deadline}

Log in to the online registration page below to confirm (or decline) your attendance and select your preferred dates. Date availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Two weeks is the minimum amount of time for a program visit. Please respond to this message if you choose to attend for less than two weeks or if you believe the Center is at capacity during your requested dates. Do not book any travel until your requested dates have been confirmed.

You can access your registration information here:
Last Name: {last_name}
Email: {email}
Pin: {password}


Our housing coordinator will arrange your local accommodations. If you should have specific requests (not guaranteed) or need assistance with travel arrangements, please email


As a visitor of the Center it is your responsibility to hold health insurance or obtain travel medical insurance in case there are any emergency medical expenses (unexpected illness, injury or medical condition) that occur during your stay. By confirming your visit to the SCGP, you agree to this requirement.

We hope you will be present and engaged in the activities of the Center and add your expertise to our programs, lectures, and seminars. If you have any questions, please reply to this message.

Best regards,



Our programs have regular talks, normally 2-4 per week, which may include more pedagogical talks, mini-courses, or research talks. You will be communicated the possible time slots for program talks, to guarantee they do not interfere with other Center’s activities.

All official program talks will be video-recorded and posted on SCGP video portal immediately after the talk concludes.

  • Program participants are encouraged to have scheduled or unscheduled informal discussion, and will have access to SCGP common room, their own offices, and (most of the time) to the SCGP seminar room, for such discussions.
  • The contact for talk scheduling and announcements is Maria Guetter. During the program, the talk speakers, titles, and abstracts for next week need to be received by Thursday night, so that they can be posted on SCGP website and announced on Friday to the SCGP talks email list.

Upon Conclusion of Your Program

Two months after the conclusion of your academic activity at the Center, we kindly ask that you submit a final report detailing your programs academic achievements, including, but not limited to, a formal summary of program participants, key lectures and/or topics, research results, or continuing collaborations. To submit your formal report, please visit this page: