Art and the Quantum Moment Art Exhibition: Closing Reception, Thursday January 29

December 4 2014 – January 29, 2015
Featuring the artwork of
Eric J. Heller (
Frederique Swist (
Jacqueline Thomas (
Curated by Lorraine Walsh, with Robert Crease and Alfred Goldhaber


Schedule of Events:
Pre-exhibition Talk by Arthur I Miller, University College London 
Wednesday November 5th, 2014
Reception at 5:00pm
Talk by Arthur I Miller at 5:30pm, SCGP Room 102
“Colliding Worlds:  How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art”
(For more information visit our website) Watch the Video

Opening Reception:  Thursday December 4th , 2014
Wine and Cheese Reception and Gallery Viewing at 5:00pm
Della Pietra Lecture by Eric Heller at 5:45pm
Title: “The Art of Listening. Carefully.” Watch the Video
(For more information visit our website)

Closing Reception:  Thursday January 29, 2015
Reception at 5:00pm
Talk by Robert Crease and Alfred Goldhaber at 5:30pm in SCGP Room 102
Title:  “Art and the Quantum Moment” Watch the Video
Speakers: Robert P. Crease and Alfred Scharff Goldhaber
Abstract:  Scientific movements have often exerted a huge impact on the rest of human culture, but few more than quantum mechanics.  This impact began to take off in earnest about 1927, with the first popularizations of the uncertainty principle. This talk discusses how and why the imagery and language of quantum mechanics went mainstream and came to influence art and culture. We will point out in particular the different ways that the artists in the recent Simons Center exhibition drew inspiration from quantum mechanics.

“The concept of quantum mechanics that have entered into general culture are among the most profoundly revolutionary of any in the history of science. Understanding how they have been presented to and perceived by those outside the field gives a fascinating and instructive picture. This exhibition explores a range of different ways that quantum physics has influenced art. The exhibit illustrates and elaborates numerous aspects of quantum mechanics, and its analogies with classical physics, in ways that may not be apparent, even to many scientists, from the theory alone.”


Transport XIII and Random Sphere I by Eric J. Heller

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