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Organized by Alexander Abanov and Samuel Grushevsky, Deputy Directors of SCGP

SCGP Weekly Talks is a colloquium style series of talks aimed at all members and visitors of the Simons Center and the more general math and physics community on Stony Brook campus. During the workshops at the Center, the talks are usually given by organizers or distinguished participants of the corresponding workshop on related topics.

All SCGP Weekly Talks are recorded and can be accessed through the SCGP video portal: SCGP VIDEOS.

Weekly talks are held regularly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in SCGP Lecture Hall – Room 102, unless otherwise noted.


8-Mar Smooth rigidity for codimension one Anosov flows Andrey Gogolev Abstract
22-Mar Imagining fundamental processes: The story and stories of particle jets at accelerators George Sterman Abstract
29-Mar Chaotic mixing of scalars and Batchelor spectrum in stochastically forced fluid mechanics Sam Punshon-Smith Abstract
5-Apr Turbulence and Random Geometry Yaron Oz Abstract
12-Apr Special Talk JimFest Abstract
19-Apr Elliptic Hypergeometric Integrals in Mathematics and Physics Masahito Yamazaki Abstract
26-Apr The Black Hole Information Problem in the Age of Holographic Entanglement Entropy Netta Engelhardt Abstract
3-May Immobility from elasticity Leo Radzihovsky Abstract
10-May A New Classification of Topological Defects in Ordered Material: Applied Measured Foliations Randall Kamien  (UPenn) Abstract
19-May *Note special date* Subsystem Symmetry and Fractons: a glimpse into life beyond topological order Fiona Burnell (University of Minnesota) Abstract
24-May *No talk*      
31-May Diagratification Alistair Savage Abstract
7-June Quantum mechanics on graphs: why is it interesting? Pavel Exner Abstract