Happy Holidays from the Simons Center

A Word from the Director

In 2018 the Simons Center hosted a near record number of scientific workshops and programs, and broadened our outreach activities to expand the Center’s public reach to our community. Fostering the dissemination of high quality scientific research is an important part of the Center’s mission. Coinciding with this, we are pleased to acknowledge our first-rate faculty and postdoctoral fellows producing top quality research with a special congratulations to Zohar Komargodski, recipient of the 2018 Sackler Prize in Physics (shared with Pedro Vieira), and Simon Donaldson, recipient of the 2018 Oswald Veblen Prize in Mathematics (shared with Xiuxiong Chen and Song Sun). As we near the end of this productive year, we look forward to 2019, when we will continue to develop the scope and variety of our scientific activities.  In particular, early next year we plan to launch a new ‘Friends of SCGP’ program, which will help you to be even more engaged with the Simons Center. Please stay tuned. 

Best Wishes in 2019,
Luis Álvarez-Gaumé
Director, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics