Talk by Shrikant Iyer, ‘Synergy Ball in Origami’ Thursday August 15

Thursday August 15

5:30pm Talk by Shrikant Iyer, ‘Synergy Ball in Origami’
6:00pm Wine and Cheese Reception
6:30pm Musical Performance by pianist Leon Livshin

Shrikant Iyer is an origami artist, teacher and performer. He is also a New York state certified arts and education consultant. He conducts origami and storigami workshops in schools, museum and libraries for children, teachers and parents.  He also frequently performs storigami in cultural festivals.  Shrikant has also presented in international conferences like 5OSME, OrigamiUSA conventions etc on topics related to linking origami in math curriculum.

He is also the founder and curator of Origami Heaven at Stony Brook University, an event with its primary focus being educating and origami outreach. The festival is very successful in the local community and attracts hundreds of attendees every year. Shrikant has also co-authored the education column of  online/print magazine, Creased which focuses on emphasis of origami in education particularly in math.


Origami Heaven: