Interactive Workshops with Artist in Residence, Bill Duffy

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Artist Demonstration daily at the Simons Center Gallery,  Monday -Friday, 11 am -2 pm.

The sculptor William Duffy will create a figurative “Sphere” object using a wax modeling technique during his residency at the SCGP Gallery.

The public is invited to participate in, watch and learn about the development stages from the start of the 2-D drawings to the final completion of the art piece.


Hands-on Workshops Schedule:  All workshops are now full – For daily live demonstrations, please visit the gallery Monday-Friday between 11am and 2pm

  • Thursday, July 25: 5-6 pm: Workshop creating a “Sphere” with self-hardening oven-based clay.
  • Tuesday, July 30: 5-6 pm:  Foam/bubble structures workshop. Unique works will be photographed for display.
  • Tuesday, August 6: 5-6 pm: Workshop creating 3D structures in self-hardening oven based-clay
  • Tuesday, August 13: 5-6 pm: Workshop to create synergy-like foam/bubble structures.