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Quiver Varieties


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Organized by  Ljudmila Kamenova, Alexander Kirillov, Jr., Nikita Nekrasov, and Olivier Schiffmann

September 30 – November 8, 2013

Quivers and quiver varieties, introduced and studied in a series of papers of Nakajima, Lusztig, Ringel and others in 1990s, have since appeared in many areas of mathematics and mathematical physics, from gauge theory, string theory, noncommutative geometry to geometric representation theory to geometry. They were instrumental in the geometric constructions of Lie algebras and their representations.

This program will cover some of the most important applications of quiver varieties. It will be divided into 3 concentration periods, each running for 2 weeks

– Quiver Varieties and physics (gauge theory, BPS/CFT correspondence, and the AGT conjecture in particular): Sept 30 – Oct 11.
– Representation theory (Hall algebras, geometric construction of Lie algebras…): Oct 14 – Oct 25
– Complex geometry (moduli spaces of instantons, monopoles, etc.): Oct 28 – Nov 8

The emphasis of the program will be to bring together people from different fields and encouraging informal interactions among them.

Speaker and Seminar Schedule:

The weekly seminars will take place on Tuesday at 2:30pm in room 313 (unless otherwise specified below).

Date and Time Title Presenters
 10/1 at 2:30pm – Room 102 Bethe states as defects in gauge theories Nikita Nekrasov
10/3 at 2:30pm – Room 313  N=2 gauge theories and quiver representations Sergio Cecotti
10/8 at 1:00pm – Room 102 Representation theory and gauge theory Hiraku Nakajima
10/8 at 2:30pm – Room 313 Hilbert series of Coulomb branch for N=2 dimension 3 field theory Amihay Hanany
10/10 at 1:00pm – Room 102 Introduction to quiver gauge theories Nikita Nekrasov
10/11 at 11:00am – Room 313 Mirror Symmetry in 3d N=2 Quiver Gauge Theories Peter Koroteev
10/22 at 2:30pm – Room 313 Refined knot invariants and Hilbert schemes Eugene Gorsky
10/23 at 11:00am – Room 313 Representations of quivers with loops Tristan Bozec
10/30 at 10:00am – Room 313 Hamiltonian local models for symplectic derived stacks Chris Brav