Arriving at the Center

Please take a moment to go through this section for any matters pertaining to your arrival at SCGP.


Where is the Simons Center located and what are business hours?

The Simons Center is located on Stony Brook University’s campus, adjacent to the Mathematics building.
There is a bridge linking the Simons Center directly to the Mathematics building. Directions to the Simons Center can be found here: Directions to the Center

Maps of campus:

The Simons Center is open Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM. Once visitors receive an SCGP access key, they may enter the building before and after hours, and on weekends.

SBU is a smoke free campus, which includes the Simons Center and the cafe patio. 

What are the Simons Center Café hours?

Please follow this link for the Simons Center Café information and hours of operation:

How do I arrive at the Simons Center and what transportation is best?

Please follow this link for directions to the Simons Center:

What are the bus and train schedules for Stony Brook?

LIRR train schedules may be found here:

Suffolk Transit (bus) schedules may be found here:

** Once you receive your housing assignment, you will be sent a confirmation with a link to the closest bus stops to/from your assigned house/apartment

How do I access the Simons Center parking lot?

If you are driving to the Simons Center, please contact Melissa Wessler at, prior to your arrival for the gate code. You will only need the gate code when you initially arrive at the Center; once you obtain your access key, you may use it to access the SCGP parking lot, moving forward.

Do you offer bikes for use?

Since most of our housing is local, the Simons Center offers bikes to use during your visit.  There is no charge and we provide locks and helmets.  Bikes are on a first come, first served basis. Please see Melissa Wessler in Room 408 when you arrive to rent one of our bikes.


I received an invitation to visit the Simons Center. What do I do next?

Please reply to the invitation and follow instructions to register with your preferred visit dates. Program space is based on a first come, first served basis, so it is imperative that you choose your requested arrival and departure dates as soon as possible. If you will require a J-1 visa in order to visit the Center, you must let us know the dates of your visit at least three months in advance – we cannot guarantee your visa paperwork will be complete if we do not know your dates at least three months ahead of time. See further visa details below.

I need a visa in order to visit the Simons Center. Who do I contact about this?

Please visit our visa page for all related immigration questions. A list of Visa Waiver countries can be found here. If your country is not part of the visa waiver program, see if you qualify for a B (business) visa. Information on B visas can be found here. Please contact Melissa Wessler with any visa related questions at

Please be mindful of your country’s consulate appointment times for obtaining your visa, and leave an ample amount of time to ensure participation in our event.

I am a Program participant. Where should I go when I arrive?

During business hours, please see our Housing & Visitor Relations Coordinator, Melissa Wessler, in Room 408. You will receive your SCGP access key, office assignment, and your photo will be taken for our database.

How do I obtain SCGP access key, and is there a deposit due?

In order to obtain key card access, please see Melissa Wessler in office 408 between 9AM – 5PM.  Please note that you must bring a $20 cash deposit with you, which will be given back once the access key is returned upon your departure. Offices are for program visitors and invited general visitors, only.

I am a workshop participant. Where should I go when I arrive?

You will receive an email with arrival information and instructions on registration, one week prior to the start of the workshop.  For most workshops, check in is at 8:30AM in the Simons Center lobby, followed by a breakfast in the Cafe.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring all travel documents with you along with your $20 cash deposit for your SCGP access key (key card access is only for program participants and invited general visitors). All SCGP rentals are fully furnished with stocked kitchens, sheets and towels and basic toiletries.

Do I need health insurance?

Purchasing health insurance is at the discretion of the visitor. The Simons Center is not responsible for purchasing or maintaining travel medical insurance for our visitors, nor incurring any medical expenses in the event of any emergency (unexpected illness, injury or medical condition). By confirming your visit to the SCGP, you are agreeing to these terms.

I am receiving travel assistance. What does that entail?

If you are receiving travel assistance, your max allotted amount will be stated in your invitation letter; this does not mean that you are going to receive the max amount, but that you may receive up to that amount. You will receive reimbursement instructions via email one week prior to your arrival. If you do not receive the email, please contact Melissa Wessler at

All documents are now submitted electronically. Only transportation-related expenses will be reimbursed (Uber/Lyft, taxis, flights, trains, rental cars, fuel, buses and/or personal mileage). No meal receipts will be accepted unless otherwise stated in your invitation. Proof of payment must be presented for all expenses. Fuel and tolls may be reimbursed for rental cars, however, fuel receipts may not be submitted for personal transportation; instead, mileage will be reimbursed at the current GSA rate; toll reimbursement is permitted as well for personal mileage.

If your travel consists of a multi-destination flight, please print out a comparison roundtrip flight at the time of your flight purchase. If a comparison flight is not printed at the time of your flight purchase, reimbursement will be up to our discretion. Reimbursements may take up to two months for processing from the date you submit all necessary forms, documents and receipts, regardless of payment method. 

Methods of payment include:

1. A check (USD) to be mailed 
2. ACH payment via domestic bank account (no fee)
3. International wire transfer: ($30 wire transfer fee)

The individual/entity purchasing the travel expenses will be the one receiving reimbursement. If your institution is paying for your expenses, your institution will be reimbursed directly. Please note that the payment office does not reimburse visa fees or travel insurance.

*** Reimbursements must be submitted within 2 months of the program/workshop you are attending. Any reimbursements submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. ***

How do I change my visit dates or cancel participation once confirmed?

Once you have confirmed your visit through our online system, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have any changes, cancellations, or general questions about your visit, please email

How do I find out who else is at the Center as part of my program?

Every program has a dedicated webpage. This link is sent to you with the original invitation and subsequent emails, prior to your arrival. The participant list, program schedule and videos of all talks are posted directly on this webpage. Additionally, each floor at the Simons Center holds an interactive screen (adjacent to the elevators) that allow you to see all current visitors and their office locations, as well as other pertinent SCGP information.


What is SCGP Live?

All talks are recorded and streamed in real time. You can access all the videos from any program or workshop as they are recorded in our video portal: and also on the respective Program or Workshop main page.

How do I access Wi-Fi while at SCGP?

All in-person participants should have received an email from Stony Brook University ( with a username and password to access Wi-Fi. Please have these credentials on hand when you arrive, as you cannot access WolfieNet-Guest while you are here without them. You can use these credentials under the existing account login page. If you did not receive it, please visit the dedicated SBU page and send them a request via email: Stony Brook University is an EDUROAM participating University.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email We look forward to your visit!