Bus Information

The primary Suffolk Transit buses that run through the Three Village area are the S76 and S60. Please refer to the links below for bus schedules. You will not find bus times at the bus stops.

If you are paying via cash, exact change is needed each time you board the bus (currently $2.25). Please be sure to have the fare on hand, prior to boarding.

Alternatively, you may download the “Suffolk FastFare” App which will enable you to purchase prepaid trips (packages vary from 2 tickets to 20 tickets) electronically.

If the Center is covering your travel expenses, please be sure to keep receipts for reimbursement

Please click these links for information regarding the S76 bus schedule:


Please click these links for information regarding the S60 bus schedule:


The following link will enable you to set departure or arrival times to find the best bus route for your schedule with either the S76 or S60 line. The starting location is set at the 25A/Beach Street bus stop (located on 25A directly in front of the restaurant). You may adjust the time, date and location, according to your needs.


For visitors staying in Port Jefferson


There are a few bus stops in downtown Port Jefferson:

  • Nys 25A/Myrtle Ave
  • Nys 25A/Spring St
  • Nys 25A/E Broadway – Corner (facing the marina)
  • Nys 25A/Beach St – directly across the street from the Overbay complex, adjacent to the restaurant (25A/Beach Street stop)


The bus stop is located at the Stony Brook railroad station (street side)